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The sku bla of the Tibetan emperors and its metamorphosis in Yungdrung Bön

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Duration: 0:38:56 | Added: 30 Apr 2020
In the late 12th century Yungdrung Bön text Grags pa gling grags a deity that has a special relationship to the Tibetan ruler plays a prominent part in the narrative of the Tibetan kings.

However, it is not called sku bla but gur lha a term that would seem to be unknown in the imperial period Its characteristics and functions partly overlap with those of the sku
bla but to a significant extent also those of the post imperial yul lha.
My paper will focus on a study of the gur lha and suggest why this otherwise somewhat obscure term was given prominence in the narrative of the Grags pa gling grags.

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