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The Silent University Visible Award Ceremony 2013

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Duration: 0:26:04 | Added: 11 Aug 2014
The Silent University Visible Award Ceremony 2013 took place at the Oxford Department of International Development on 20 May 2014. Ahmet Öğüt, Silent University founder, was presented with the Visible Award, and various speakers contributed to the event.

On 14 December 2013, the second edition of the Visible Award was awarded to The Silent University, a knowledge exchange platform initiated by the artist Ahmet Öğüt and led by a group of asylum seekers, refugees, and migrants. In recognition of the award, the London branch of The Silent University produced a two-day event, with the first day organised in collaboration with the Oxford Migration Studies Society and the Refugee Studies Centre. The event focused on drawing together members of The Silent University in dialogue with artists, curators, and theoreticians who are working on projects that deal with migration issues in the legal framework of Western democracies. The Visible Award, which in its mission is looking for art that 'leaves its own field and becomes visible as part of something else,' is proud to accompany The Silent University in its encounter with the academic realm outside of the space of art. Read more about The Silent University here: http://thesilentuniversity.org/. Recording details:

00:00:00-00:03:15 - Welcome by Professor Dawn Chatty, Refugee Studies Centre;
00:03:16-00:11:24 - Introduction to the day by Matteo Luchetti and Judith Wielander, Visible;
00:11:30-00:15:21 - Presentation of the Visible Award by Andrea Zegna, Fondazione Zegna;
00:15:32-00:22:46 - Paolo Naldini, Pistoletto Foundation;
00:22:47-00:26:06 - Acceptance of the Visible Award by Ahmet Öğüt, The Silent University.

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