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Diabetes and Obesity

Obesity and diabetes are increasingly a burden in modern populations, and whilst the contributions of our lifestyles are well-known, other aspects of the conditions are less clear. Our podcasts on diabetes and obesity highlight the work of our scientists and clinicians to understand the underlying factors of lifestyle and metabolism, molecular and genetic mechanisms, and less common forms of diabetes, to improve management and treatment of these conditions.

# Episode Title Description People Date
8 Obesity and Diabetes Professor Fredrik Karpe explores the links between obesity and diabetes. Fredrik Karpe 21 Jun 2011
7 Creative Commons Diabetes and Genomics Professor Mark McCarthy tells us how genomics helps us understand diabetes. Mark McCarthy 03 Jul 2012
6 Creative Commons Diabetes and Insulin Secretion Professor Patrik Rorsman talks about diabetes and how beta cells within the pancreas control insulin secretion. Patrik Rorsman 24 Jan 2012
5 Personalised Diabetes Treatment Professor Stephen Gough talks about the development of personalised diabetes treatment. Stephen Gough 17 May 2012
4 Creative Commons Diabetes in Young Adults Dr Katharine Owen talks about the different types of diabetes in young adults. Katherine Owen 17 Jul 2012
3 Creative Commons Genetics and Diabetes Dr Anna Gloyn talks about her research on the genetics of diabetes. Anna Gloyn 20 Mar 2012
2 Creative Commons Metabolism of Fatty Acids Dr Barbara Fielding talks about her research on the metabolism of fatty acids. Barbara Fielding 17 Apr 2012
1 Creative Commons Liver Fat Metabolism Dr Leanne Hodson talks about her research on liver fat metabolism. Leanne Hodson 01 May 2012