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Professor Brian Marsden

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Duration: 0:44:33 | Added: 12 Jun 2023
Georgina Ferry interviews Brian Marsden, Associate Professor for Data Management and Research Informatics, 3 February 2023.

Topics discussed include (00:00:46) early interest in science, degree studies at Cambridge, DPhil at Oxford in Biochemistry, work at the Scripps Research Institute in San Diego and BioFocus; (00:02:29) computational chemistry; (00:07:35) Structural Genomics Consortium; (00:18:34) first awareness of COVID-19; (00:19:56) ELISA assay development for surveillance, including development of database and web platform; (00:26:59) COMBAT project; (00:35:00) collaboration between institutions during the pandemic; (00:36:10) current projects, including collaboration on early stage drug discovery; (00:37:00) impact of the pandemic on work life; (00:38:34) wellbeing support; (00:39:11) personal threat from COVID-19; (00:40:05) communications with civil servants; (00:41:10) wellbeing and working on COVID-19 projects; (00:43:37) changes in approach to work as a result of the pandemic, hopes for the future.

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