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Professor Betty Raman

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Duration: 0:42:05 | Added: 29 Jul 2022
Georgina Ferry interviews Betty Raman, Associate Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine, 16 November 2021.

Topics discussed include (00:00:53) an overview of BR's early interest in medicine, medical training whilst based in Adelaide, Australia and specialism in cardiology; (00:03:46) MRI technology; (00:05:28) BR's first awareness of the emergence of COVID-19 and meetings with mentor Professor Stefan Neubauer; (00:09:51) ability to continue research during the early stages of COVID-19, with the focus shifting to the pandemic; (00:11:15) work on national follow-up studies including PHOSP-COVID [Post-hospitalisation COVID-19]; (00:19:59) flu and COVID-19 and post-viral syndromes; (00:22:51) community patients recovering from COVID-19 with lingering symptoms; (00:25:33) personal experience of leading a multi-centre study; (00:27:19) long COVID and chronic fatigue syndrome; (00:29:22) experience of contracting COVID-19; (00:30:44) supply and shortages of PPE; (00:31:43) C-MORE study [Capturing the MultiORgan Effects of COVID-19]; (00:32:20) collaborative work on Xenon MRI research by professor Fergus Gleeson's lab; (00:35:11) changes in some institutions as a result of BR's work; (00:37:15) future research interests, particularly in terms of listening to the concerns of patients; (00:38:45) the importance of patient public engagement; (00:40:30) treatments being tested for patients with long COVID.

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