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Volker Türk

Series featuring Volker Türk

  • LGBTQI and forced migrants (Forced Migration Review 42)
  • Climate change and disasters (Forced Migration Review 49)
  • Destination: Europe (Forced Migration Review 51)
  • Return (Forced Migration Review 62)
# Episode Title Description People Date
4 FMR 62 - Mini-feature - Preventing displacement, addressing root causes and the promise of the Global Compact on Refugees Preventing displacement by addressing its root causes requires a holistic approach and engagement by a wide range of actors. The starting point must be a better understanding of root causes and their complexity. Volker Türk 14 Oct 2019
3 FMR 51 - Envisioning a Common European Asylum System A bolder approach is needed if the European Union is to overcome fragmentation and manage refugee movements effectively and in accordance with international obligations. Volker Türk 19 Dec 2015
2 Creative Commons FMR 49 - Temporary protection arrangements to fill a gap in the protection regime Predictable measures are needed to provide protection for people displaced across borders by disasters, where there is currently a gap. Volker Türk 18 Jun 2015
1 Creative Commons Fmr 42 Ensuring protection for LGBTI Persons of Concern There needs to be greater awareness not only of the specific protection concerns relating to LGBTI individuals but also of related jurisprudence and guidance available for UN staff, partners, state authorities and decision-makers. Volker Türk 10 May 2013