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Tony Venables

Series featuring Tony Venables

  • Getting to Zero: Michaelmas Term Seminar Series 2009
  • Green Templeton College
# Episode Title Description People Date
2 Do We Face Secular Stagnation? Panel Discussion Professor Paul Krugman, Sanjaya Lall Visiting Professor, leads a panel discussion on whether the world's economy is facing 'secular stagnation' 5 years after the credit crunch. Paul Krugman, Lord Adair Turner, Lord Robert Skidelsky, David Watson 14 May 2014
1 Creative Commons Bottom billion or bottom zero? Policies for international poverty reduction Some developing countries have achieved rapid economic growth and poverty reduction while others have stagnated. This talk will review the determinants of success and the prospects for lagging regions to improve performance and eliminate poverty. Tony Venables 30 Oct 2009