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Steve Simon

Series featuring Steve Simon

  • Theoretical Physics - From Outer Space to Plasma
# Episode Title Description People Date
3 Why Hydrodynamics? What is hydrodynamics and why does it apply over 20 orders of magnitude in energy and length. Steve Simon, Julia Yeomans 29 Apr 2021
2 Topology and the Classification of Matter: New Physics Hidden in Plain Sight Third lecture "More is different" - how states of matter emerge from quantum theory Saturday morning of Theoretical Physics. With Professor Steve Simon, introduction by Professor John WheelerThird Steve Simon 01 Nov 2016
1 Knots, World-lines, and Topological Quantum Computation Members of the Rudolf Peierls Centre for Theoretical Physics hosted the 7th morning of Theoretical Physics covering the idea of quantum computation and the strange behaviour of certain types of fundamental particle. Steve Simon 14 May 2015