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Naohiko Omata

Series featuring Naohiko Omata

  • The technology issue (Forced Migration Review 38)
  • Refugee Studies Centre
  • Destination: Europe (Forced Migration Review 51)
  • Thinking ahead: displacement, transition, solutions (Forced Migration Review 52)
  • Economies: rights and access to work (Forced Migration Review 58)
  • Ethics and displacement (Forced Migration Review 61)
# Episode Title Description People Date
7 FMR 61 - ‘Over-researched’ and ‘under-researched’ refugees A number of ethical issues emerge from working with ‘over-researched’ and ‘under-researched’ refugee groups. Naohiko Omata 20 Jun 2019
6 FMR 58 - Refugees’ engagement with host economies in Uganda Multi-sited fieldwork in Uganda allows for an exploration of the complex patterns of engagement between refugees’ economic activities and local economies, in urban, emergency and protracted settings. Naohiko Omata 10 Jul 2018
5 FMR 52 - Forgotten people: former Liberian refugees in Ghana The viability of the ECOWAS integration scheme implemented as a solution for those Liberians who continued to stay in Ghana is seen to be limited. Naohiko Omata 15 Aug 2016
4 Creative Commons HIP2015, Session: Understanding Humanitarian Innovation In Resettlement Contexts Parallel session: Understanding Humanitarian Innovation in Resettlement Contexts, 18 July 2015, 11:0--12:30, 2nd Panel Room. Gavin Ackerly, Faith Nibbs, Carrie Perkins, Naohiko Omata 12 Jul 2016
3 FMR 51 General - Economic reintegration of returnees in Liberia Since the early 2000s, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization has been implementing economic recovery programmes for returnees in certain post-conflict countries. Naohiko Omata, Noriko Takahashi 15 Dec 2015
2 Creative Commons FMR 38 Online connection for remittances nternet cafés in refugee camps allow refugees to maintain and create networks for overseas remittances. For many displaced people, maintaining these ties is vital. Naohiko Omata 16 Apr 2013
1 Creative Commons Humanitarian Innovation Project: launch event Special seminar by Dr Alexander Betts, Louise Bloom and Dr Naohiko Omata (University College Dublin) recorded on 15 November 2012 at the Oxford Department of International Development, University of Oxford. Alexander Betts, Louise Bloom, Naohiko Omata 22 Nov 2012