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Muir Gray

Series featuring Muir Gray

  • The Oxford Healthcare Values Partnership
  • Evidence-Based Health Care
# Episode Title Description People Date
5 Value-based healthcare: Health economics re-packaged or re-packaging health economics? Sir Muir Gray and Lucy Abel debate: Is value-based health care nothing more than health economics re-packaged or is health economics nothing more than only one of the six contributors to value-based healthcare? Muir Gray, Lucy Abel 16 May 2018
4 The Future of Healthcare - Evidencer and Value Based Muir Gray is now working with both NHS England and Public Health England to bring about a transformation of care with the aim of increasing value for both populations and individuals. Here he gives a talk on improving healthcare systems. Muir Gray 19 Jan 2018
3 Equity and commissioning - Muir Gray Session 4: Equity and commissioning - Muir Gray Muir Gray, Mark Sheehan 19 Jan 2017
2 Highlights of Personalised Medicine Highlights of Personalised Medicine: the promise, the hype and the pitfalls Alastair Kent, Anna Middleton, Marion Lynch, Muir Gray 19 Jan 2017
1 Personalised Medicine, interview with Muir Gray Personalised Medicine: the promise, the hype and the pitfalls, a short interview with Muir Gray Muir Gray 18 Jan 2017