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Marion Couldrey

Series featuring Marion Couldrey

  • Crisis (Forced Migration Review 45)
  • Afghanistan's displaced people (Forced Migration Review 46)
  • Innovation and refugees (Forced Migration Review, supplement 2014)
  • The Syria crisis (Forced Migration Review 47)
  • Faith and displacement (Forced Migration Review 48)
  • Climate change and disasters (Forced Migration Review 49)
  • Dayton +20 (Forced Migration Review 50)
  • Destination: Europe (Forced Migration Review 51)
  • Thinking ahead: displacement, transition, solutions (Forced Migration Review 52)
  • Local communities: first and last providers of protection (Forced Migration Review 53)
  • Resettlement (Forced Migration Review 54)
  • Shelter in displacement (Forced Migration Review 55)
# Episode Title Description People Date
20 FMR 62 - From the Editors Voluntary return in safety and with dignity has long been a core tenet of the international refugee regime. Marion Couldrey, Jenny Peebles 25 Oct 2019
19 FMR 61 - From the Editors What moral principles guide our work? This issue debates many of the ethical questions that confront us in programming, research, safeguarding and volunteering, and in our use of data, new technologies, messaging and images. Marion Couldrey, Jenny Peebles 20 Jun 2019
18 FMR 60 - From the editors In this issue of FMR, authors from around the world debate how better to enable access to quality education both in emergency settings and in resettlement and asylum contexts. Marion Couldrey, Jenny Peebles 01 Feb 2019
17 FMR 59 - From the editors In the 20 years since they were launched, the Guiding Principles on Internal Displacement have been of assistance to many States responding to internal displacement, and have been incorporated into many national and regional policies and laws. Marion Couldrey, Jenny Peebles 06 Nov 2018
16 FMR 58 - From the editors In our main feature, authors explore the complex interactions of the constraints and opportunities involved, drawing on case-studies from around the world and highlighting the roles of new actors, new technologies and new-or renewed-approaches. Marion Couldrey, Jenny Peebles 10 Jul 2018
15 FMR 57 - From the editors This issue therefore focuses – as did the 2014 issue – on displacement from and within Syria. Marion Couldrey, Jenny Peebles 05 Mar 2018
14 FMR 56 - From the editors The region of Latin America and the Caribbean has long demonstrated hospitality towards those fleeing conflict and persecution within the region and further afield. Marion Couldrey, Jenny Peebles 31 Oct 2017
13 FMR 55 - From the Editors All displaced people need some form of shelter, and circumstances dictate that in reality not much of it conforms to the typical picture of a tent or tarpaulin nor meets official standards. Marion Couldrey, Maurice Herson 13 Jul 2017
12 Creative Commons FMR 54 - From the Editors This issue of FMR looks at some of the modalities and challenges of resettlement in order to shed light on debates such as how - and how well – resettlement is managed. Marion Couldrey, Maurice Herson 23 Mar 2017
11 FMR 53 - From the Editors This issue’s feature theme, ‘Local communities: first and last providers of protection’, looks at the capacity of communities to organise themselves before, during and after displacement in ways that help protect the community. Marion Couldrey, Maurice Herson 12 Oct 2016
10 FMR 52 - From the Editors Our belief in the need for and the efficacy of humanitarian action is partly based on its actual effectiveness over the years in addressing the needs of, among others, forced migrants. Marion Couldrey, Maurice Herson 15 Aug 2016
9 FMR 51 - From the Editors Europe is experiencing the mass movements of displaced people in a way that it has largely been immune from for decades. Marion Couldrey, Maurice Herson 19 Dec 2015
8 FMR 50 - From the Editors An introductory note on FMR 50, 'Dayton + 20: twenty years on from the Dayton Agreement in the Balkans', from the Editors. Marion Couldrey, Maurice Herson 01 Sep 2015
7 Creative Commons FMR 49 - From the Editors An introductory note on FMR 49, 'Disasters and displacement in a changing climate', from the Editors. Marion Couldrey, Maurice Herson 18 Jun 2015
6 Creative Commons FMR 49, FGM - Editors’ Introduction An introductory note from the Editors of a special mini-feature on 'FGM and Asylum in Europe' in FMR 49. Marion Couldrey, Maurice Herson 04 Jun 2015
5 Creative Commons FMR 48 - From the Editors An introductory note on FMR 48, 'Faith and Responses to Displacement', from the Editors. Marion Couldrey, Maurice Herson 04 Jun 2015
4 Creative Commons FMR Innovation and Refugees - From the editors From the editors Marion Couldrey, Maurice Herson 02 Dec 2014
3 Creative Commons FMR 47 From the Editors From the Editors Marion Couldrey, Maurice Herson 02 Dec 2014
2 Creative Commons FMR 46 From the editors From the editors Marion Couldrey, Maurice Herson 11 Jun 2014
1 Creative Commons FMR 45 From the Editors From the editors. Marion Couldrey, Maurice Herson 28 Mar 2014