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Luke Jew

Series featuring Luke Jew

  • Stargazing
  • Oxford Physics Short Talks and Introductions
# Episode Title Description People Date
3 The oldest light in the Universe In this short stargazing talk, Luke Jew looks at the topic - The oldest light in the Universe. Luke Jew 05 Apr 2019
2 Creative Commons Einstein's Greatest Blunder Albert Einstein is one of the greatest scientists to ever live, and even he made mistakes, as Luke Jew explains - A comforting thought for all of us! This great mistake was about the astrophysics that will ultimately determine how our universe will end. Luke Jew 07 Jul 2014
1 Inflation - The "BANG" in Big Bang Luke Jew talks about inflation, the process that scientists believe happened at the very start of our universe and is responsible for all the large scale structures that we see around us. Luke Jew 28 Jan 2014