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Jim Hall

Series featuring Jim Hall

  • Water Security, Risk and Society Conference
  • Water: Perspectives from Science and Industry
  • Environmental Change Institute
  • Drought and Water Scarcity
  • Futuremakers
  • Oxford Martin School: Public Lectures and Seminars
# Episode Title Description People Date
8 National infrastructure for the recovery and the long term In this conversation, Sir John Armitt, who is chair of the National Infrastructure Commission, joins Professor Jim Hall to explore the vision and practicalities of providing infrastructure systems that meets society’s goals. John Armitt, Jim Hall 07 May 2021
7 Re-imagining urban mobility after COVID-19 The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in unprecedented disruptions to urban mobility systems across the globe yet also presented unique opportunities for people to drive less, walk/cycle more and reduce carbon emissions. Tim Schwanen, Jennie Middleton, Jim Hall 09 Dec 2020
6 Road to somewhere? Resilient infrastructure for sustainable development Professor Hall will share experiences of establishing long-term plans for sustainable infrastructure in many countries around the world. Jim Hall 17 Feb 2020
5 Solving climate change - nature or technology? Solving climate change can involve either mitigation – reducing the greenhouse gases we're putting into the atmosphere – or adaptation – the process of adjusting to our changing environment. Peter Millican, Nathalie Seddon, Jim Hall, Helen Gavin 20 Dec 2019
4 Prof Jim Hall: An Introduction to the MaRIUS project An Introduction to the MaRIUS project: Managing the Risks, Impacts and Uncertainties of drought and water Scarcity Jim Hall 26 Jan 2016
3 What is the risk of drought in the Thames basin? Jim Hall, Environmental Change Institute, Oxford, gives a talk for the Water security seminar series. Jim Hall 11 Nov 2013
2 Introduction to the Environmental Change Institute Professor Jim Hall, Director of the ECI, gives a brief introduction to the work of the University of Oxford's interdisciplinary research institute looking into the processes, solutions and partnerships relating to global environmental change. Jim Hall 29 May 2013
1 Creative Commons Risk-based principles for defining and managing water security Presentation from the plenary session 'A risk perspective on water security' of the Water Security, Risk and Society conference. By Professor Jim Hall, University of Oxford, UK. Jim Hall 31 May 2012