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Hugo Shakeshaft

Series featuring Hugo Shakeshaft

  • Talking Sense
# Episode Title Description People Date
2 Episode 7: 'Altered States of Body: The Power of the Senses in Ritual and Revelry' – PART 1 In this episode, Dr Hugo Shakeshaft (Postdoctoral Researcher, Classics) analyses a Greek symposium cup to show how objects have the power to transform us, engaging the senses to alter the body. Further reading:https://www.talkingsenseoxford.com/podcast. Hugo Shakeshaft, Christy Callaway-Gale, Jonny Lawrence 12 Jul 2019
1 Creative Commons Episode 1: Introduction to Talking Sense Jonathan Lawrence and Christy Callaway-Gale, two participants in the TORCH-Ashmolean Talking Sense project, introduce the inter-disciplinary research project. Jonathan Lawrence, Christy Callaway-Gale, Hugo Shakeshaft, Helena Guzik 18 Apr 2019