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Helen Cook

Series featuring Helen Cook

  • The Bodleian Libraries (BODcasts)
# Episode Title Description People Date
8 The Dancing Master in Context: Playford’s publishing and music-making in 17th century England In this session, we explore what Playford’s publishing activities can tell us about how music was incorporated into different social environments in seventeenth-century English society and the role music played in peoples lives. Rebecca Herissone, Alice Little, Helen Cook 30 Nov 2023
7 A dance band for Playford? This talk will consider how and why the frontispiece to this edition was different from those in earlier editions and place the image in relation to other images of ballroom dance bands before and after 1728. Jeremy Barlow, Alice Little, Helen Cook 02 Nov 2023
6 Making machines: Mary Shelley and Ada Lovelace Join our experts in conversation as they consider the thinking of two great 19th century women writers exploring the boundary between human and machine Ursula Martin, Sharon Ruston, Helen Cook 21 Jun 2022
5 Meet the pigments: the art and science of early English decoration Discover how cutting-edge scientific techniques are transforming our understanding of medieval manuscripts, and how book production began to recover under King Alfred and his successors Matthew Holford, Richard Gameson, Helen Cook 24 May 2022
4 Meet the Maps: Unconventional Views of Oxford Focusing on four very different maps of Oxford - each of the maps has its own tale to tell, some showing Oxford as it was; others showing Oxford as it might have been; and others how Oxford never was. Nick Millea, Stuart Ackland, Helen Cook 05 Apr 2022
3 MS Ashmole 1504 Dating from around 1520 and probably conceived as a pattern book, this manuscript is best described as a 'herbal and bestiary' and contains images of flora and fauna together with stylised, floriated ornaments and coloured alphabets. Martin Kauffmann, Helen Cook, Lynn Hulse 04 Feb 2022
2 Meet the Manuscripts: Uncomfortable English Manuscripts In this lecture, we look at some beautiful, austere, and distinctively uncomfortable manuscripts and learn how the Middle Ages shaped the way we read today both in print and on screen. Dan Wakelin, Andrew Dunning, Helen Cook 08 Nov 2021
1 Roots to Seeds: the evolution of plant science Join Professor Stephen Harris (Curator of Roots to Seeds at the Bodleian Library) and Dr Chris Thorogood, (Oxford Botanic Garden and Harcourt Arboretum) as they discuss the past, present and future of botanical research and teaching. Stephen Harris, Chris Thorogood, Helen Cook 17 Sep 2021