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Galen Strawson

Series featuring Galen Strawson

  • Power Structuralism in Ancient Ontologies
  • Nietzsche on Mind and Nature
  • The Isaiah Berlin Lecture
# Episode Title Description People Date
3 One Hundred Years of Consciousness ('a long training in absurdity') Galen Strawson, Professor of Philosophy at the University of Oxford deliverd the 2017 Isaiah Berlin Lecture at Wolfson College. The lecture was introduced by the College President, Hermione Lee. Galen Strawson 09 Jun 2017
2 Creative Commons Structure and Quality A talk from Galen Strawson, Professor of Philosophy, University of Texas. Galen Strawson 23 Aug 2013
1 Nietzsche's Metaphysics Nietzsche rejects a persisting self; real distinctions of objects and properties, categorical and dispositional properties, causes and effects; free will. He holds that determinism is true, reality is one and fundamentally experiential. Galen Strawson 22 Dec 2009