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Daniel Wakelin

Professor Daniel Wakelin primarily teaches manuscript studies for the MSt course in English Language and Literature 650-1550. His research focuses on the material remains of English literature between the fourteenth and early sixteenth centuries: manuscripts, and some printed books, and what they reveal about writing habits and reading habits. Within this field, his special interests are scribal corrections, errors and accuracy; marginalia and other ‘genres’ of writing by, for or about readers; humanist reading and scholarship; manuscripts of carols; fifteenth- and sixteenth-century courtly poetry and interludes. His current research includes a study of correcting in Middle English manuscripts and an edition of William Worcester’s The Boke of Noblesse.

Series featuring Daniel Wakelin

  • Great Writers Inspire
  • Centre for the Study of the Book
  • Teaching the Codex
  • Designing English: Graphics on the medieval page
  • Medieval German Studies
# Episode Title Description People Date
8 Trailer: Medieval Manuscripts in the Bodleian A film of a class for 'Publication Beyond Print', the Leverhulme Doctoral Training Centre. Filmed at the Weston Library, Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford, by Natascha Domeisen. Daniel Wakelin, Henrike Lähnemann 27 Mar 2019
7 Designing English Book Art Competition Professor Daniel Wakelin discusses some of the inspired entries they received from contemporary book artists in response to the Designing English Exhibition Daniel Wakelin 18 Oct 2018
6 Curating the exhibition 'Designing English' Daniel Wakelin talks about the concept behind the exhibition 'Designing English: Graphics on the Medieval Page' in the Weston Library, Oxford, and about the thrill of working with original material from the Bodleian collection at Oxford Medieval Studies. Daniel Wakelin, Henrike Lähnemann 23 Feb 2018
5 Come and dance with me in Ireland The lyrics of dance songs about love and longing, jotted down without music. MS. Rawl. D. 913, fol. 1r-v. Copied in the early 1300s. Read by Helen Appleton, Daniel Wakelin. Helen Appleton, Daniel Wakelin 16 Jan 2018
4 Listeneth now and beth not deaf! A travelling preacher recites a poem, warning about the horrors of death. MS. Add. E. 6 (R). Copied in the late 1200s. Read by Daniel Wakelin. Daniel Wakelin 16 Jan 2018
3 Teaching the Codex 1: Codicology Daniel Wakelin (Oxford) gives a talk at the 2016 Teaching the Codex Colloquium. Daniel Wakelin 12 Jul 2017
2 Creative Commons Scribal correction and literary craft: English manuscripts 1375-1510 Adam Smyth talks to Professor Daniel Wakelin about his new book on cultures of correction in later medieval manuscripts. Daniel Wakelin, Adam Smyth 08 Jul 2014
1 Creative Commons Chaucer Professor Daniel Wakelin discusses the work of Chaucer and explains how he was one of the first to use everyday spoken English as a literary language in the 14th Century. Daniel Wakelin 17 Apr 2012