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Christopher Hollings

Series featuring Christopher Hollings

  • Ada Lovelace Symposium - Celebrating 200 Years of a Computer Visionary
  • Big Questions - with Oxford Sparks
  • The Bodleian Libraries (BODcasts)
# Episode Title Description People Date
3 Parallel lines down the centuries For 21 centuries, mathematicians worried about a fundamental assumption made by Euclid of Alexandria: that parallel lines must meet at infinity. Christopher Hollings 12 Jun 2019
2 What happened to the first soviet scientist to solve a fundamental problem in mathematics? New episode for the Oxford Sparks Big questions series. Christopher Hollings 08 May 2017
1 Creative Commons The mathematical correspondence of Ada Lovelace and Augustus De Morgan During the years 1840-1, Ada Lovelace corresponded with the mathematician Augustus De Morgan. In this talk Christopher Hollings, University of Oxford reports on recent new studies of the mathematics Ada was learning with De Morgan. Christopher Hollings 18 Dec 2015