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Beth McDougall

Series featuring Beth McDougall

  • Behind the Scenes at the Oxford University Museums
  • Messy Realities - the Secret Life of Technology
  • Matters of Policy Podcast
# Episode Title Description People Date
6 Accessibility and The Public with Beth McDougall Jip is joined by Beth McDougall, Families and Communities Officer for the Pitt Rivers Museum, to discuss the idea of the public and the museum's Access Policy. Jip Borm, Beth McDougall 06 Jan 2022
5 See-touch-think-wonder Stories, objects and pictures as methods of engagement in research in assistive living technologies. Gemma Hughes, Joe Wherton, Beth McDougall 12 Nov 2019
4 Technology, aging and progression: from amulets to robots Discussions about the protective powers of amulets, alarms and jewellery are interrupted by the arrival of a cuddly robot. Gemma Hughes, Caitlin Pilbeam, Jozie Kettle, George Leeson 12 Nov 2019
3 The magic of everyday technologies Exploring how everyday objects support health and wellbeing: medicines containers and mobility aids. Gemma Hughes, Caitlin Pilbeam, Beth McDougall, Jozie Kettle 12 Nov 2019
2 Introducing Messy Realities: the Secret Life of Technology Professor Trisha Greenhalgh and colleagues discuss what assistive living technologies are and how they engaged the public in exploring assistive living technologies at the Pitt Rivers Museum. Gemma Hughes, Trisha Greenhalgh, Jozie Kettle, Beth McDougall 12 Nov 2019
1 VERVE: Connecting the public with displays at the Pitt Rivers Museum Beth McDougall and Madeleine Ding, VERVE Team, Pitt Rivers Museum give a short talk for the Oxford University Museums Staff Conference. Beth McDougall, Madeleine Ding 21 Oct 2016