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Belinda Lennox

Series featuring Belinda Lennox

  • Psychiatry
  • Ethics and Early Intervention in Mental Health: Promoting Change through Research
  • Futuremakers
# Episode Title Description People Date
11 Evidence-based strategies for suicide and self-harm prevention Professor Lennox sits down with Professor Seena Fazel, to discuss his work on better understanding the causes of suicide. Belinda Lennox, Seena Fazel 08 Feb 2024
10 Suicide prevention and mental health advocacy Professor Lennox speaks to Ben West, mental health campaigner, best-selling author and social media influencer, about suicide prevention. Belinda Lennox, Ben West 08 Feb 2024
9 Supporting the mental health of young people Professor Lennox talks to Cynthia Germanotta and Dr. Claudia-Santi F. Fernandes from 'Born This Way Foundation' and Professor Mina Fazel about the importance of supporting young people’s mental health. Belinda Lennox, Mina Fazel, Cynthia Germanotta, Claudia-Santi F. Fernandes 11 Sep 2023
8 Protecting mental health in crisis contexts Professor Lennox is joined by Benjamin Perks from UNICEF, Sabine Rakotomalala, from the World Health Organization and researchers from Oxford’s Department of Social Policy and Intervention, to discuss protecting mental health in crisis contexts. Belinda Lennox, Benjamin Perks, Sabine Rakotomalala, Jamie Lachman 11 Sep 2023
7 Workplace wellbeing Professor Lennox sits down with Professor Jan-Emmanuel De Neve to look at what contributes to our wellbeing at work, and the evidence linking happiness and productivity. Belinda Lennox, Jan-Emmanuel De Neve 11 Sep 2023
6 Building resilient mental health in the workplace Professor Lennox is joined by Sir John Kirwan, a former New Zealand rugby player and co-founder of workplace wellbeing technology platform Groov, to discuss preventative mental health in the workplace. Belinda Lennox, John Kirwan 11 Sep 2023
5 Childhood and adolescent anxiety Professor Lennox sits down with Professors Cathy Creswell and Polly Waite to talk about how anxiety affects young people and the effective new treatments being developed. Belinda Lennox, Cathy Creswell, Polly Waitse 11 Aug 2023
4 Maternal mental health Professor Lennox talks to Professors Marian Knight and Fiona Alderdice about how mental illnesses impact women and families in the postnatal period, and the power of speaking out. Belinda Lennox, Marian Knight, Fiona Alderdice 11 Aug 2023
3 Brain injury and rehabilitation Professor Belinda Lennox is joined by Professor Heidi Johansen-Berg and Jenny Clarke from the charity SameYou to discuss the impact of traumatic brain injury and how researchers can help patients in their recovery. Belinda Lennox, Heidi Johansen-Berg, Jenny Clarke 11 Aug 2023
2 Early Intervention in Psychosis services: 15 years of implementation Prof. Belinda Lennox (Psychiatry, University of Oxford) gives the first talk in the second panel, Psychosis Risk: From Research to Practice. Belinda Lennox 25 Jul 2017
1 Creative Commons The causes of early onset psychosis An interview with Dr Lennox discussing her career in academic psychiatry, and her current research into the causes of early onset psychosis. Belinda Lennox 21 Jan 2014