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Oxford Mathematics Public Lectures: John Bush - Walking on water: from biolocomotion to quantum foundations

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Duration: 0:53:08 | Added: 28 Jun 2019
In this Public Lecture, which contains more technical content than our norm, John Bush presents seemingly disparate topics which are in fact united by a common theme and underlaid by a common mathematical framework.

First there is the natural world where creatures use surface tension to support themselves on the water surface and propel themselves along it. Then there is a small droplet bouncing along
the surface of a vibrating liquid bath, guided or 'piloted’ by its own wave field - its ability to reproduce many features previously thought to be exclusive to quantum systems has launched the field of hydrodynamic quantum analogs, and motivated a critical
revisitation of the philosophical foundations of quantum mechanics.

John Bush is a Professor of Applied Mathematics in the Department of Mathematics at MIT specialising in fluid dynamics.

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