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Languages are in crisis in our schools – could creativity help save the subject?

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Duration: 0:12:51 | Added: 17 Apr 2020
Can a creative approach to the study of languages enhance learner outcomes?

Faced with the dramatic fall in UK students learning a foreign language, Creative Multilingualism's Language Learning research team have been exploring different ways of teaching languages in schools. Could there be a way to help students feel more positive about language learning, while also improving their learning outcomes? In this episode of LinguaMania, Suzanne Graham, Linda Fisher, Heike Krüsemann and Julia Hofweber tell you about a programme they've been running with students learning French and German in schools across the UK. You can see the full transcript on the Creative Multilingualism website: https://www.creativeml.ox.ac.uk/linguamania-episode-5-languages-are-cris...

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