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# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Iran, Iraq and the US after the Qasim Sulemani assassination Panel discussion looking at US, Iranian and Iraqi politics after the Qasim Sulemani assassination. Held in Oxford on Monday, 20th January 2020 Felix Gedney, Emma Sky, Sir Simon Mayall, Toby Matthiesen 28 Jan 2020
2 Donna Brazile: The fierce urgency of now: The 2018 US mid term elections Donna Brazile: The fierce urgency of now: The 2018 US mid term elections. donna brazile 01 Jun 2018
3 Creative Commons Populism as a Global Form: A Roundtable Conversation Akeel Bilgrami (Columbia), Shruti Kapila (Cambridge) and Saeed Naqvi (Foreign Correspondent and Author) speak in Oxford on 2 June 2017 Akeel Bilgrami, Shruti Kapila, Saeed Naqvi 27 Mar 2018
4 Creative Commons My Enemy's Enemy: India in Afghanistan from the Soviet Invasion to the US Withdrawal Avinash Paliwal speaks at the South Asia Seminar on 20 February 2018. Avinash Paliwal 13 Mar 2018
5 Creative Commons Corruption: A new Public International Law norm? Corruption has become a hot topic in Public International Law in recent years. Samantha Rowe, Ciara Murphy 21 Nov 2017
6 Creative Commons Trading with the Enemy: the Making of US Export Control Policy toward the People's Republic of China Dr Hugo Meijer gives a talk at the International Political Economy of East Asia seminar. Hugo Meijer 28 Mar 2016
7 Too Big to Jail: Theory and Evidence on Corporate Crime Enforcement in the U.S. Professor Brandon Garrett, University of Virginia School of Law - 30 April 2015 Brandon Garrett 05 May 2015
8 Creative Commons "Good Housing depends on You”: Wartime Housing, 1942 MoMA’s 1942 Wartime Housing exhibition demonstrated that housing contributed to the war effort. Through innovative display, the museum proposed that new materials, modern techniques, and community planning would create lively permanent communities. Erin McKellar 30 Sep 2014
9 Nixon the President, Nixon the Man Please note. The final 10 minutes to this podcast are Audio Only. We apologise for the inconvenience. Alexander Butterfield, John Price 25 Mar 2014
10 Creative Commons Legitimate Targets? The Partial Effectiveness of International Law in US Air Warfare Dr Janina Dill, Department of International Relations, Oxford University, gives a talk about US Air Warfare and International Law, organised by the Changing Character of War programme, Oxford University. Janina Dill 04 Mar 2013
11 The Triumph of the Humanities Michael S. Malone, journalist, bestselling author, and one of the world's best known technology writers challenges the notion that the humanities are facing a crisis. Michael S. Malone 25 Oct 2012
12 Creative Commons The racial crisis of America's civil rights state: Transformation of the State, American Style Keynote Speech by Professor Desmond King FBA (University of Oxford) for the Third Conference of 'Transformations of the State' (11 May), which forms part of the Anglo-German 'State of the State' Fellowship Programme, with an introduction by Heike Klüver. Desmond King, Heike Klüver 16 Jul 2012
13 Freedom from Oil Based on his book, Freedom from Oil, Sandalow gives a public lecture which draws on both his government experience and energy expertise to explore options, shape solutions and create national policy to address the United States' oil addiction. David Sandalow 14 Apr 2008