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# Episode Title Description People Date
1 3. Free Movement | The Europe’s Stories Podcast Ana and Lucas speak today with Victoria Honsel and Reja Wyss, who co-wrote the report chapter on climate action. Both have also been young Europeans actively involved in politics. Reja Wyss, Victoria Honsel, Ana Martins, Lucas Tse 21 Sep 2021
2 2. Free Movement | The Europe’s Stories Podcast Ana and Lucas speak today with Luisa Melloh, who manages the project behind this series. Many things flow across borders - capital, goods, ideas - but young Europeans also assume that they themselves can move freely and with ease. Luisa Melloh, Ana Martins, Lucas Tse 14 Sep 2021
3 Creative Commons Assisted reproductive technologies and medical travel A COMPAS/Fertility and Reproduction Studies Group seminar delivered by Professor Andrea Whittaker (Monash University) on 18 February 2019 Andrea Whittaker 08 Jul 2019
4 Nadifa Mohamed on travelling, home and belonging in Black Mamba Boy Nadifa Mohamed reads from and discusses her debut novel, Black Mamba Boy (2010), based on her father’s travels across the Horn of Africa before settling in Britain. Nadifa Mohamed, Kate Wallis 25 Aug 2017
5 Jan Brueghel and his Views of Italian Ruins This lecture forms part of a series entitled "Antiquity After Antiquity" and is for first year Undergraduate History of Art students. It was delivered at the University of Oxford History of Art Department. An Van Camp 11 Jul 2016
6 Creative Commons Near Miss The Near Miss Project Rachel Aldred 20 Oct 2015
7 Creative Commons Efficient Cycling Whether you're an experienced cycle commuter or a nervous potential new starter there's something for everyone in this fantastic talk from experienced cyclist and road traffic expert Jared Spier. Jared Spier 14 Dec 2012
8 Cradle of Western Civilization Professor Griffin from the Oxford University Society Travel Programme gives a humourous talk about the ancient Aegean Islands; the founding Minoan and Greek civilizations where philosophy, science, and literature were born and first flourished. Jasper Griffin 12 Jun 2009