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3. Free Movement | The Europe’s Stories Podcast

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Duration: 0:56:31 | Added: 21 Sep 2021
Ana and Lucas speak today with Victoria Honsel and Reja Wyss, who co-wrote the report chapter on climate action. Both have also been young Europeans actively involved in politics.

Our polls found that 58% of Europeans want the EU to be carbon neutral by 2030, with an additional 20% aiming for 2040. What measures are acceptable for managing this transition—for example, should short haul flights be banned? How do democratic regimes fare in comparison with authoritarian governments in tackling climate change? Is there a ‘Generation Greta’ that cares more about climate than older Europeans?

This episode was hosted by Ana Martins and Lucas Tse, and edited by Billy Craigan. Huge thanks to the Europe’s Stories team. Show notes at: europeanmoments.com/podcast

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