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third world

# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Creative Commons Centres, Peripheries and New Histories of the Left in Iran How historians can gain new insights from global history, and how historians and histories of Iran can contribute Rasmus Elling, Stephanie Cronin 23 Dec 2022
2 S2E1: Narrative, intervention, motivation This episode is a conversation about how storytelling works in empowering ways in in situations of intervention in African contexts. Alude Mahali, Robert Muponde, Tamsen Rochat, Elleke Boehmer 01 Feb 2022
3 Human Rights and a New Global Agenda Panel 2 from the Human Rights and the Post-2015 Agenda Conference. Jaakko Kuosmanen, Henry Shue, Jennifer Welsh, Malcolm Langford 15 Dec 2014
4 Post-2015 Development Agenda and the State of Play Panel 1 from the Human Rights and the Post-2015 Agenda Conference. The views expressed in this presentation are personal and not those of the individual’s institution. Ian Goldin, Mac Darrow, Isabel Ortiz, Roberto BIssio 15 Dec 2014
5 Creative Commons The Role of Nutrition in Mental Health and Performance: Changing Diets, Changing Minds Human diets have changed dramatically over the last century, and the impact of industrialisation on our food supply has had devastating consequences for public health. Alex Richardson 19 Feb 2013
6 Creative Commons One Billion Hungry: Can We Feed the World? More than six decades after the Green Revolution aimed at ending world hunger, regular food shortages, malnutrition, and poverty still plague vast swaths of the world. Gordon Conway 19 Feb 2013