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Thinking 3D

# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Creative Commons Leonardo's thoughts on mechanics and useful inventions 6,000 surviving notes and drawings reveal Leonardo da Vinci’s way of thinking. This talk focuses on Leonardo’s second book, On Mechanics, and explores how he later applied mechanical laws to studies for 'useful inventions'. Matthew Landrus 12 Jun 2019
2 Creative Commons Particles in space Join Dr Donal Hill for a tour of the invisible, as he describes how particle detectors measure 3D information to help uncover the secrets of tiny fundamental particles. Donal Hill 12 Jun 2019
3 Creative Commons Getting to the heart of cardiac disease: a multi-disciplinary effort to image the heart in 3D Discover how researchers are using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to acquire images that show how the heart works on both a whole organ and cellular level. With Dr Kerstin Timm and Dr Justin Lau. Kerstin Timm, Justin Lau 12 Jun 2019
4 Plans and elevation: the development of architectural drawings Dr Karl Kinsella introduces a 12th-century manuscript which explores the mystical visions of the prophet Ezekiel and contains some of the earliest architectural drawings in existence. Karl Kinsella 12 Jun 2019
5 Parallel lines down the centuries For 21 centuries, mathematicians worried about a fundamental assumption made by Euclid of Alexandria: that parallel lines must meet at infinity. Christopher Hollings 12 Jun 2019
6 Thinking 3D: Byrne-Bussey Marconi Lecture Thinking 3D is an interdisciplinary exploration of the concept of three-dimensionality and its impact on the arts and sciences, co-investigated by Dr Laura Moretti and Daryl Green. Laura Moretti, Daryl Green 05 Apr 2019