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# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Creative Commons What Makes a Scientist? A look back at historical scientists and their contribution to science. Staffan Normark 20 Oct 2017
2 Creative Commons The Future of Artificial Intelligence How modern neuroscience is researching the way the human brain can comprehend a working environment. Simon Stringer 19 Oct 2017
3 Creative Commons The Future of Publishing A talk that focuses on promoting and championing scientific literature. Ritu Dhand 19 Oct 2017
4 Creative Commons The Future of Policy and Health Research The role of MSD in driving innovation and expanding access to global vaccines. Ruxandra Draghia-Akli 19 Oct 2017
5 Creative Commons The Future of the Scientific Community: Challenges and Opportunities A scientific discussion with the speakers about the industry and the future of the scientific community. John Walker, Story Sylwester, Jo Dally, Ben Goldacre 19 Oct 2017
6 Creative Commons The future of Innovation and Government. Creating the future of science by driving innovation in health and life sciences. Ruth McKernan 19 Oct 2017
7 Creative Commons The Future of Biotechnology Immunocore talk about important issues in oncology and infectious diseases. Eliot Forster 19 Oct 2017
8 Creative Commons The Future Of Research A look into fundamental discovery and the use of existing scientific knowledge for the benefit of mankind. John Walker 19 Oct 2017
9 Politics around the wine table: The political nature of a symposium in Plato's laws Part of the Politics in Strange Places conference held n Oxford University, September 2010. Eno Trimcev 30 Mar 2011
10 Creative Commons Who did Plato (not) love? Platonic love? Plato's main text on love, the Symposium, takes a broad look at what love means, offering a serious yet humorous, poignant and flippant, literary philosophical discussion of the topic, with some famous but also surprising outcomes. Cressida Ryan 15 Feb 2011
11 Norman Foster: Symposium on the Future of Cities - Discussion and Concluding Remarks Discussion and concluding remarks from Lord Foster to end the half-day symposium on the future of cities. John Ockendon, Malcolm McCulloch, Steve Rayner, David Banister 02 Feb 2011
12 Norman Foster: Symposium on the Future of Cities This half-day symposium, convened by the School of Geography and the Environment, addresses themes arising from Lord Foster's lecture, focusing on the city of the future and includes internationally distinguished panelists from Oxford and beyond. John Ockendon, Malcolm McCulloch, Steve Rayner, David Banister 02 Feb 2011