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# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Creative Commons Shallow Cognizing for Self-Control over Emotion & Desire In the first St Cross Special Ethics Seminar of 2023, Dr Larry Lengbeyer explores 'shallow cognizing' as a form of self-control Lawrence Lengbeyer 02 Feb 2023
2 Creative Commons 2015 Leverhulme Lecture (3): Marshmallows and Moderation Is self-control a character trait or should we look to external props for self-control? Neil Levy 10 Mar 2015
3 Creative Commons 2015 Leverhulme Lecture (2): The Science of Self-Control This lecture outlines some of the main perspectives on self-control and its loss stemming from recent work in psychology. Neil Levy 09 Mar 2015
4 Creative Commons 2015 Leverhulme Lecture (1): Self-Control: A problem of self-management Self-control problems typically arise from conflicts between smaller sooner and larger later rewards. Neil Levy 04 Mar 2015