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# Episode Title Description People Date
1 FMR 51 General - Economic reintegration of returnees in Liberia Since the early 2000s, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization has been implementing economic recovery programmes for returnees in certain post-conflict countries. Naohiko Omata, Noriko Takahashi 15 Dec 2015
2 Creative Commons FMR 43 application/pdf iconPDF audio/mpeg iconMP3 Liberia: local politics, state building and reintegration of populations Interventions aiming to assist IDPs and refugees returning home in fragile states would do well to take note of the local political and economic contexts in the aftermath of war, because these deeply affect the reintegration of war-affected populations. Jairo Munive 09 Aug 2013
3 Creative Commons FMR 39 The reintegration programme for Bangladeshi returnees When evacuated Bangladeshi migrants arrived home, the government, civil society, international organisations and the private sector cooperated to help them. Anita J Wadud 08 May 2013
4 Creative Commons FMR 36 Safe and suitable return for women fleeing conflict in Liberia When women migrants return, they can face daunting challenges to re-integration but can also contribute to development and transforming societies. Victoria Ijeoma Nwogu 09 Apr 2013
5 Creative Commons FMR 36 Land, IDPs and mediation Unmanaged resettlement of IDPs in eastern DRC might threaten an already fragile security situation. Baptiste Raymond 08 Apr 2013
6 Creative Commons FMR 36 Land and property disputes impeding return and reintegration A survey conducted by UNHCR in 2009 in IDP camps in North Kivu shows that access to land is the second factor after security which prevents people from returning to their zone of origin. Oumar Sylla 08 Apr 2013