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property rights

# Episode Title Description People Date
1 FMR 59 - Protecting property: the Iraqi experience Protection of property rights on a fair and non-discriminatory basis within Iraq’s multi-ethnic society is central to the end of displacement and the start of durable solutions. Sila Sonmez, Shahaan Murray, Martin Clutterbuck 06 Nov 2018
2 Creative Commons FMR 43 The displaced claiming their rights in fragile states To date, displaced persons in fragile and conflict-affected states have had little success in claiming their rights for housing, land and property violations. Creative legal thinking and strategic litigation has the potential to change this. Antonia Mulvey 09 Aug 2013
3 Creative Commons 4.2 Emily Hudson: What is Cultural Heritage Law? Dr Emily Hudson (Fellow, Intellectual Property Law,) talks about legal regimes relevant to the preservation, use and accessibility of cultural heritage. Emily Hudson 25 Feb 2013
4 Creative Commons 4.5 Ewan McKendrick: What is Cultural Heritage Law? Professor Ewan McKendrick (Registrar and Professor of Private Law) looks at cultural heritage law from a university perspective. Ewan McKendrick 25 Feb 2013
5 Creative Commons 4.1 Introduction: What is Cultural Heritage Law? In this talk Professor Kurtz introduces the fourth lecture of the series 'What is cultural heritage law?'. Donna Kurtz 25 Feb 2013
6 Creative Commons 4.3 Cultural Heritage Law and Increasing Access to Primary Source Material. Peter Hirtle (Senior Policy Advisor to the Cornell University Library) delivers part 3/5 of the lecture "What is cultural heritage law?". Peter Hirtle 25 Feb 2013
7 Creative Commons 4.4 Timothy Endicott: What is Cultural Heritage Law? Professor Timothy Endicott (Dean of the Faculty of Law) talks about cultural heritage law and cultural heritage studies in Oxford University. Timothy Endicott 25 Feb 2013