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# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Creative Commons Air Pollution, Toxicity, and Environmental Politics in the History of Iranian Oil Nationalisation This is a recording of a live webinar held on Friday 12th November 2021 for the MEC. Dr Mattin Biglari (SOAS, University of London) presents “Air Pollution, Toxicity, and Environmental Politics in the History of Iranian Oil Nationalisation”. Stephanie Cronin, Mattin Biglari 01 Dec 2021
2 Creative Commons From pollution to solution: will China save the planet? Barbara Finamore discusses whether China will take the lead in saving our planet from environmental catastrophe. Barbara Finamore, Radhika Khosla 24 Jun 2019
3 'Land, Sea and Air' Part 2 - The state of the oceans What's in the deep ocean? And how can we study these remote and extreme ecosystems? And how is climate change affecting ocean ecosystems? Alex Rogers 10 Jun 2016
4 Impact of drought on water quality Professor Paul Whitehead talks about the Impact of drought on water quality Paul Whitehead 02 Feb 2016
5 Creative Commons What will be the pros and cons of city life in the future? As populations increasingly migrate to city centres there are many factors that improve lifestyle - less pollution, fewer road accidents, easier access to medical care. But city infrastructure could do with a rethink says Professor Steve Rayner. Steve Rayner 20 Aug 2012
6 Oceans research: News from the "Big Blue" This Oxford at Said seminar was dedicated to the subject of oceans. Three researchers from the University of Oxford cover the topics oceans and the impact of climate change, understanding ocean ecology and how to generate energy from the tides. Ros Rickaby, Martin Speight, Guy Houlsby 08 Jun 2010
7 Technological innovations: Perspectives on medical innovation in Less Industrialised Countries Technological innovations can bring health benefits to many people in Less Industrialised Countries. How do you find the right organisations to partner with? Adam Stoten, Matthew Harris 07 Dec 2009
8 Societies in Transition: The End of Roman Civilization Dr Ward-Perkins (Trinity College, Oxford) examines the Roman-made ecological disasters and examines how far the environmental pollution contributed to the fall of Rome and why this matters in today's world. Bryan Ward-Perkins 24 Mar 2009