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migrant workers

# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Leaving Ukraine We discuss the war on Ukraine and the almost unprecedented speed and size of the movement of people fleeing the country. We discuss the displacement taking place, how refugees are being received in Europe, and the impact this will have on post-EU Britain. Roxana Barbulescu, Emma Rimpiläinen, Volodymyr Artiukh, Rob McNeil 23 Mar 2022
2 Creative Commons Galia Sabar: African Migration to Israel - Chronicle of a Failure Foretold The history and politics of African migration to Israel Galia Sabar, Yaacov Yadgar 21 Feb 2018
3 Creative Commons Hyper-mobile migrant workers and the lack of social protection within the European Union: a case study from the Netherlands Case study of hyper-mobile migrants employed on large-scale construction sites in the Netherlands, highlighting the ways these workers express their agency in dealing with a cross-border employment context in which social protection is difficult to access Lisa Berntsen 26 Nov 2015
4 Creative Commons Who Needs Migrant Workers? - COMPAS Breakfast Briefing Martin Ruhs and Bridget Anderson (COMPAS, University of Oxford) give a COMPAS Breakfast Briefing on 11th November 2010. Martin Ruhs, Bridget Anderson 11 Mar 2011
5 Creative Commons 'Migrants and the Marginalised in the Colonial and Post-Colonial British World' Professor Stephen Constantine (Lancaster University) presents research on migration within the British world and the effects it has on the marginalisation of different social groups. Stephen Constantine 31 Jan 2011