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# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Queer Bibliography: A Discussion What is queer bibliography? How does it intersect with other critical bibliographies, (feminist, Black and liberation bibliography)? How does it relate to traditional bibliographic practice? What opportunities might queer methods and approaches provide? Sarah Pyke, James Sargan, Adam Smyth 26 Jun 2023
2 50 years of trans activism: a history of change for trans human rights in the UK Professor Stephen Whittle, Professor of Equalities Law at Manchester Metropolitan University delivers the 2022 LGBT History Month Lecture, drawing on his own experiences. Stephen Whittle, Clara Barker 15 Mar 2022
3 LGBT+ History Month with Corinne Humphreys & Michael Gunning Watch the 2021 LGBT History Month lecture with Stonewall Sport Champions Corinne Humphreys, Michael Gunning 22 Mar 2021
4 Being a working class queer in theatre Louise Wallwein MBE, a renowned and award-winning poet, playwright and performer, gives the 11th annual LGBT History Month lecture Louise Wallwein 25 Feb 2020
5 Faith and Sexuality – A Safeguarding Crisis? Ozanne outlines clear evidence of the harm that certain teachings have caused the LGBT community and what can be done to address this major safeguarding issue affecting young LGBT Christian teenagers today. Jayne Ozanne 18 Mar 2019
6 Making Oscar Wilde Making Oscar Wilde reveals the untold story of young Oscar’s career in Victorian England and post-Civil War America. Set on two continents, it tracks a larger-than-life hero on an unforgettable adventure to make his name and gain international acclaim. Michèle Mendelssohn 26 Feb 2019
7 FMR 58 Refugee-led social protection - Lessons from LGBTIQ refugee-led community-based organisations The work of community-based organisations led by and in support of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*, intersex and queer (LGBTIQ) refugees in Nairobi, Kenya, provides important insights. Hester K V Moore 09 Jul 2018
8 What does it mean to be LGBT+ today? 2018's annual lecture, organised by the LGBT+ Staff Network, will be delivered by Asad Dhunna, a London based marketing and communications director. Asad has written for various publications including the Guardian and the Huffington Post. Asad Dhunna 21 Feb 2018
9 Equality v Liberation - Why Equal Rights Are Not Enough LGBT rights campaigner Peter Tatchell gives a lecture for Mansfield College. Peter Tatchell 22 Mar 2017
10 The shock of the new: cultural amnesia, trans erasure, and what we can do about it Activist and author CN Lester talks about the need for queer/trans history in a world that too often forgets that variations in gender and desire have always been with us. CN Lester 24 Feb 2017
11 Creative Commons Chief Executive of Stonewall, Ruth Hunt (St. Hilda’s, 1998) Ruth Hunt discusses her current role at Stonewall and offers advice to students who are considering Oxford as a LGBT-friendly university Ruth Hunt 09 Sep 2016
12 FMR 52 General - Responding to LGBT forced migration in East Africa Following the passage of Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Act in December 2013, hundreds of LGBT individuals fled to Kenya seeking safety. Gitta Zomorodi 07 Jul 2016
13 A Great Unrecorded History. LGBT Heritage and World Cultures Professor Parkinson discusses how to mobilise historical research into sexuality for maximum impact and the institutional, cultural and political issues that can be at stake, and suggests some of the possible uses of LGBTQ history. Richard Parkinson 25 Feb 2016
14 Divergences between the law of marriage and its social meaning: are same-sex marriages unique? In 2013, the UK Parliament legalized same-sex marriage in England and Wales. Dr Scot Peterson discusses whether this is the first time there has been a divergence in the general understanding of marriage and the definition enshrined in law. Scot Peterson, Kenneth Howse 01 Feb 2016
15 Fag Hags, Breeders and Idols: Women’s Representation in pre-Stonewall Homosexual Fiction. Eleri Anona Watson presents her Master's thesis entitled Fag Hags, Breeders and Idols: Women’s Representation in pre-Stonewall Homosexual Fiction. Eleri Anona Watson 22 Jun 2015
16 Creative Commons LGBT equality in the 21st Century Ruth Hunt, Chief Executive of Stonewall and alumna of St Hilda’s, gives the 2015 LGBT History Month Lecture. Ruth Hunt 23 Feb 2015
17 Creative Commons FMR 42 Kosovo: what does the future hold for LGBT people? States considering such claims need to look beyond Kosovo's apparently progressive constitution to the rather different reality on the ground. Agathe Fauchier 10 May 2013
18 Creative Commons FMR 42 Challenges to producing LGB-specific Country of Origin Information Evaluations of whether LGB asylum claimants have a well-founded fear of persecution frequently require Country of Origin Information but information on LGB populations in countries where being LGB is criminalised is often difficult to obtain. Christian Pangilinan 10 May 2013
19 Creative Commons FMR 42 "On what grounds?" LGBT asylum claims in Canada A number of positive developments have occurred over the past two decades to create more robust protection and community support within Canada, but recent legislative changes will jeopardise fairness and justice for LGBT refugee claimants. Sharalyn Jordan, Chris Morrissey 10 May 2013
20 Creative Commons FMR 42 Mental health challenges of LGBT forced migrants Mental health providers can assist in documenting the psychological impact of anti-LGBT persecution and its impact on the ability to secure refugee status. Ariel Shidlo, Joanne Ahola 10 May 2013
21 Creative Commons Fmr 42 Ensuring protection for LGBTI Persons of Concern There needs to be greater awareness not only of the specific protection concerns relating to LGBTI individuals but also of related jurisprudence and guidance available for UN staff, partners, state authorities and decision-makers. Volker Türk 10 May 2013
22 Creative Commons FMR 42 LGBT: equally entitled to human rights and dignity Recognition that LGBT rights are universal rights is gaining ground. The trend, finally, is positive. But greater respect for LGBT rights and inclusion of LGBT people still is not a worldwide movement. Anne C Richard 10 May 2013
23 Creative Commons A Queer-Like Smell Best-selling author Val McDermid gives the 4th annual Oxford University lecture for LGBT History Month about her own experiences as a gay woman. Val McDermid 07 Feb 2013
24 Creative Commons Alan Turing: The One Who Became a Zero Andrew Hodges (author of Alan Turing: The Enigma) delivers a lecture on Alan Turing, the founder of modern computer science, as part of LGBT month. Andrew Hodges 02 Mar 2012
25 Creative Commons Alan Turing: The One Who Became a Zero Andrew Hodges (author of Alan Turing: The Enigma) delivers a lecture on Alan Turing, the founder of modern computer science. This is the third annual lecture for LGBT history month. Andrew Hodges 02 Mar 2012