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international humanitarian law

# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Creative Commons A Weapon Is No Subordinate. Autonomous Weapons and the Scope of Superior Responsibility Dr. Alessandra Spadaro of Utrecht University outlines several challenges to the applicability of the doctrine of superior responsibility in the context of the use of autonomous weapons systems. Alessandra Spadaro 24 Feb 2023
2 Displacement: Tibetan Buddhist Contributions to the International Humanitarian Field Dr Kilby's talk explores Tibetan Buddhist perspectives on displacement that can inform the international humanitarian response to the displacement crisis Christina Kilby 20 Oct 2022
3 A Behavioral Analysis of Humanitarian Negotiations Professor Anne van Aaken, University of Hamburg, Germany, gives a talk for the Public International Law seminar series (11/11/2021). Anne van Aaken 17 Jan 2022
4 Humanitarian Access in 21st Century Armed Conflict: Legal and Practical Lessons from Syria A discussion of the international law on humanitarian access with a focus on the legal and practical implications of the ongoing civil war in Syria. Emanuela Gillard, Ruvi Ziegler, Janina Dill 27 Oct 2014
5 Creative Commons Refuge from Inhumanity: Panel VII Perspectives on Protection against Refoulement under International Humanitarian Law Refugee from Inhumanity Conference recorded on Tuesday 12 February 2013 at All Souls College, University of Oxford. Panel VII: Perspectives on Protection against Refoulement under International Humanitarian Law. Jennifer Moore, Guy Goodwin-Gill, Ruvi Ziegler 14 Feb 2013