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# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Justice Between Generations Mark Philp, Simon Caney and Adam Swift discuss the issue of intergenerational justice and ask questions like how do we allocate resources intergenerationally accross areas like welfare, pensions, higher education and environmental costs? Mark Philp, Simon Caney, Adam Swift 12 Oct 2011
2 Creative Commons Can Generations be Treated Equally? Professor Asheim, Department of Economics, University of Oslo, gives a talk for the Oxford Martin School Hilary Term Seminar Series 2011 Intergenerational Justice: What do we owe future generations? Geir Asheim 24 Aug 2011
3 Climate change investment - what is it worth for future generations? The worthiness of a social investment project is a balance between the cost of the project, and the value of the benefits to society/ how long those benefits may apply. Ben Groom 10 Mar 2011
4 Demographic balance and human capital from an intergenerational perspective Our world is demographically divided - some populations continue to grow rapidly, while others are already on a shrinking trajectory. Wolfgang Lutz 18 Feb 2011
5 Climate Change and Intergenerational Justice: What are our obligations to future generations? Climate change raises profound questions of intergenerational justice. It is widely recognized that there is a powerful case for mitigation in virtue of obligations we have to future generations. But how much mitigation is required? Simon Caney 11 Feb 2011
6 Creative Commons A legacy of dangers: Climate failure and future generations The principles that ought to guide our one-way relations with future generations depend profoundly on the precise nature of what is being provided to or - in this case, inflicted on - them. Henry Shue 09 Feb 2011
7 Creative Commons Sustainability: How can each generation live well within limits? Well-being, Time and Sustainability: Epicurus or Aristotle? This seminar addresses two key questions about sustainability. John O'Neill 28 Jan 2011
8 Creative Commons Is the fiscal crisis forcing a rethink of our intergenerational compact with the elderly? Professor Peter Heller (John Hopkins University) on 'Is the fiscal crisis forcing a rethink of our intergenerational compact with the elderly?'. Peter Heller 21 Jan 2011