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# Episode Title Description People Date
101 Creative Commons Where's your bloody pigtail?: Liberalism, Empire, and the Chinese Labour Question Professor Glover outlined the moral panic around aliens and Chinese labour in the 1906 election, relating the debate to the 1905 Aliens Act and to Chinese indentured layout to South Africa. David Glover 06 Aug 2012
102 Creative Commons Gender and interventions in integration Eleonore Kofman discusses gender's role in relation to integration discourses, policies and practices. Part of the Interrogating Integration: Discourses, Policies and Everyday Practices (COMPAS Seminar Series Michaelmas 2010) Series. Eleonore Kofman 06 Aug 2012
103 Creative Commons The national integration paradigm: where are we now? Adrian Favell discusses his book 'Philosophies of Integration', taking a theoretical and philosophical approach to integration. Adrian Favell 06 Aug 2012
104 Creative Commons When is an asylum seeker not an asylum seeker? The representation of immigration in the UK press 1996-2005 Paul Baker talks about how asylums seekers and refugees were presented in the national press and the variations in discourses over time and across types of press. Paul Baker 06 Aug 2012
105 Creative Commons UK Immigration Policy and the Political Functions of Research Talk looking at the ways in which public administration and policy makers make use of academic research immigration policy making, looking at the British Home Office, the German Federal Office for Migration and Refugees and the European Commission. Christina Boswell 06 Aug 2012
106 Creative Commons Immigration and Political Trust in Europe Lauren McLaren looks at immigration and political trust, with focus on recent research data. Part of the Public Opinion, Media and the Politics of Migration(COMPAS Seminar Series Hilary 2011) series. Lauren McLaren 06 Aug 2012
107 Creative Commons Numbers and Needs - the urban and the rural: Immigrant settlement in Shropshire and Tower Hamlets Anne Kershen discusses the comparisons between immigrant settlements in Shropshire and London's Tower Hamlets, exploring different issues of the migrant experience arising in the two areas. Anne Kershen 06 Aug 2012
108 Creative Commons Between strategic nostalgia and banal nomadism: Arab diaspora watching satellite and digital television across Europe Myria Georgiou talks about uses of transnational television among Arab speaking populations in Europe to explore questions around citizenship. Myria Georgiou 06 Aug 2012
109 Creative Commons The politics of migration in the UK: Catering to a public of (at least) two minds Scott Blinder discusses the portrayal of the British public's opinion on migration, and the reality behind it. Part of the Public Opinion, Media and the Politics of Migration(COMPAS Seminar Series Hilary 2011) series. Scott Blinder 06 Aug 2012
110 Creative Commons 'Integration' as Illiberal Exceptionalism in Migration Law: The Role of the European Union Sergio Carrera examines how the process of Europeanization, the development of the European Union, has played a role in migration law and on the meaning and mechanisms of integration. Sergio Carrera 06 Aug 2012
111 Creative Commons Immigrant Integration and Human Rights: Lessons from the US-Mexico Border Discussion on the problematic of discussing integration in a context of security enforcement policies in the US and neoliberal policies, with a focus on immigrants in the US/Mexico border region and in the US as a whole. Neil Harvey 06 Aug 2012
112 Creative Commons What is the role of schooling in the integration and settlement process of new Polish migrants to the UK? The EU Enlargement of 2004 entailed an intensive large-scale migration wave from Eastern European countries to the UK, in particular from Poland. Pauline Trevena 16 Jul 2012
113 Creative Commons Migration policy and skills policy: substitutes or complements? There is a very significant tension at the heart of UK immigration policy. Basic economic intuition, as well as considerable empirical evidence, suggests that skilled immigrants will benefit the economy. Jonathan Portes 09 Jul 2012
114 Creative Commons The right to participate: law, equality, and the prospective impact on immigrant integration in Europe and abroad Thomas Huddleston discusses European integration policies and access to health care and other benefits, in light of recent MPG research. Thomas Huddleston 08 May 2012
115 Creative Commons Shifts in the Public/Private Divide as mode of inclusion and exclusion Sarah van Walsum discusses Dutch and EU law's approach to care work and protection of rights. Sarah van Walsum 08 May 2012
116 Creative Commons Migrants' access to goods and services in the context of international human rights law Aoife Nolan (Durham Law School) takes us through the relationship between migrants' rights and international human rights instruments. Aoife Nolan 16 Apr 2012
117 Creative Commons What is the impact of new migration on cohesion and integration? The government and the media regularly make the case that migration must be restricted in order to ensure community cohesion and encourage integration. Robert Ford, Will Somerville, Shamit Saggar 16 Apr 2012
118 Japan's Immigration Policy, 1999-2008: Discrepancy between Comprehensive Debate and Partial Reforms David Chiavacci (University of Zurich) gives a talk for the Nissan Institute of Japanese Studies. David Chiavacci 09 Mar 2012
119 Creative Commons Civic Stratification and Migrants Rights Lydia Morris discusses the stratification of rights as a way to explain rights given or constrained by the state, in the migration context. Lydia Morris 05 Mar 2012
120 Creative Commons Between welfare states and markets: the migrant-policy nexus in comparative perspective and reflections on social rights and antidiscrimination law Virginie Guiraudon takes an interdisciplinary look at social and human rights and anti-discrimination laws, giving a historical, legal and sociological perspective, as well as considering the European situation. Virginie Guiraudon 05 Mar 2012
121 Determinants and consequences of the recognition of education among immigrants in Germany Irena Kogan (University of Mannheim) discusses the determinants of immigrants' investments in official recognition of their education, and the labour market effects of this recognition in Germany. Irena Kogan 20 Feb 2012
122 Creative Commons Asian Migration and the 'British World', circa 1850-1914 (Oxford Transnational and Global History Seminar) Rachel Bright, Lecturer in History, Keele University, gives a talk for The Oxford Transnational and Global History Seminar series. Rachel Bright 02 Feb 2012
123 What does new Home Office evidence on the Migrant Journey and family migration tell us about migration in the UK? Jon Simmons, Director for Migration and Border analysis in the Home Office Science Directorate gives a talk for the COMPAS Breakfast Briefing series. Jon Simmons 02 Feb 2012
124 Creative Commons What is migration policy for? Sarah Spencer, COMPAS, Oxford University, gives a talk for the COMPAS Breakfast Briefing series. Sarah Spencer 13 Dec 2011
125 Creative Commons Immigration and welfare chauvinism: Britain since 1800 Professor David Feldman, historian, describes the "welfare chauvinism" existing in Britain since the 18th century. David Feldman 01 Dec 2011
126 Creative Commons Identification and mobility Control: Police sciences, technology, and international cooperation in West Europe, 1900-1930 Dr. Ilsen About takes us through the fascinating development of technology used by police in the early 1900's to allow for the identification of criminals internationally, known as 'distant identification'. Ilsen About 01 Dec 2011
127 Creative Commons What are the impacts of restrictions on participation in the labour market and civic life on young migrants? COMPAS Breakfast Briefing Part of the COMPAS Breakfast Briefing series. Les Back 01 Dec 2011
128 Creative Commons How will climate change impact on migration? Allan Findlay, Professor of Population Geography, School of Geography and Geosciences, University of St. Andrews, gives a talk for the COMPAS breakfast briefing series. Allan Findlay 18 Nov 2011
129 Creative Commons Where's your bloody pigtail?: Liberalism, Empire and the Chinese Labour Question David Glover, University of Southampton, gives a talk for the COMPAS seminar series on 10th November 2011. David Glover 18 Nov 2011
130 Creative Commons No rights for the wicked; human rights and foreign national prisoners Retired immigration lawyer Fran Webber goes through case law pre and post the entry into force of the Human Rights Act. Frances Webber 02 Nov 2011
131 Punishment and Migration between Europe and the United States: A Gllobalized 'Less Eligibility'? Dario Melossi, University of Bologna, gives a talk for the COMPAS seminar series. Dario Melossi 26 Oct 2011
132 RSC Wednesday Seminars 2011: Stateless diasporas and immigration and citizenship regimes in the EU This podcast was recorded at the Refugee Studies Centre's first Wednesday Public Seminar of Michaelmas Term 2011. Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh, Nando Sigona 18 Oct 2011
133 Creative Commons What are the key evidence gaps in Britain's migration debate, and what are the implications for policy? COMPAS Breakfast Briefing Informed public debate and evidence-based policy-making on immigration requires clarity and transparency about what we know and don't know about migration and its impacts. Martin Ruhs, Scott Blinder 16 Aug 2011
134 Creative Commons What does the "Big Society" mean for migrant communities? - COMPAS Breakfast Briefing The Coalition government's policy agenda on 'the Big Society' marks a major shift in the landscape. It has been described as radically passing power from the state to citizens and civil society. Vaughan Jones 16 Aug 2011
135 Creative Commons What are the latest trends in migration into and out of the UK? - COMPAS Breakfast Briefing Sarah Croft (Office for National Statistics) gives a talk for the COMPAS Breakfast Briefing series on December 10th, 2010. Sarah Croft 11 Mar 2011
136 Creative Commons Who Needs Migrant Workers? - COMPAS Breakfast Briefing Martin Ruhs and Bridget Anderson (COMPAS, University of Oxford) give a COMPAS Breakfast Briefing on 11th November 2010. Martin Ruhs, Bridget Anderson 11 Mar 2011
137 Creative Commons What Could be the Impact of a cap on overseas Higher Education students? - COMPAS Breakfast Briefing Ursula Kelly, University of Strathclyde delivers a COMPAS Breakfast Briefing on 8th October 2010. Ursula Kelly 11 Mar 2011
138 Creative Commons 'Migrants and the Marginalised in the Colonial and Post-Colonial British World' Professor Stephen Constantine (Lancaster University) presents research on migration within the British world and the effects it has on the marginalisation of different social groups. Stephen Constantine 31 Jan 2011
139 Creative Commons US Government Illegally Deporting US Citizens Dr Jacqueline Stevens gives a talk on the United States' practice of illegally deporting its citizens as part of the Theory and Practice of Immigration Detention Workshop. Jacqueline Stevens 19 Jul 2010
140 Creative Commons Human rights and the Elusive Universal Subject: Detention of Asylum Seekers and Irregular Entrants under IHRL and EU Law Cathryn Costello, Fellow and Tutor in EU and Public Law gives a talk for the Workshop on the Theory and Practice of Immigration Detention. Cathryn Costello 12 Jul 2010
141 Creative Commons Rules of engagement: Governmentality, 'technologies of citizenship' and everyday protest in asylum detention facilities Nicholas Gill, Environment Centre, University of Lancaster gives a talk for the fourth session of the workshop; Citizenship and Government Technologies. Nicholas Gill 22 Jun 2010
142 Creative Commons How do former immigration detainees integrate into local communities post-release? Axel Klein, Centre for Health Services Studies, Kent and Lucy Williams, Social Policy, Sociology, and Social Research, Kent give a talk for the third session of the workshop; Conditions of Immigration Detention. Axel Kein, Lucy Williams 22 Jun 2010
143 Creative Commons The Criminalisation of Asylum Seekers in a British Immigration Detention Centre Melanie Griffiths (Oxford) gives a talk entitled; 'I'm not a criminal but I've been here 11 months' - The Criminalisation of Asylum Seekers in a British Immigration Detention Centre for the third session of the Workshop. Melanie Griffiths 22 Jun 2010
144 Creative Commons Medical Implications of Immigration Detention in the UK Frank Arnold, Medical Justice Network, gives a talk for the third session of the workshop; Conditions of Immigration Detention. Frank Arnold 22 Jun 2010
145 Creative Commons The law's approach to detention of asylum seekers: help or hindrance? Dallal Stevens, Faculty of Law, University of Warwick gives a talk for the first session of the worksh op; Legal Approaches to Immigration Detention. Dallal Stevens 22 Jun 2010
146 Creative Commons Immigration Detention and the Aesthetics of Incarceration Michael Flynn, Global Detention Project, Graduate Institute of Geneva gives a talk for the first session of the workshop; Legal Approaches. Michael Flynn 22 Jun 2010