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forced displacement

# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Creative Commons FMR 35 Disabilities among refugees and conflict-affected populations In 2007 the Women's Refugee Commission launched a major research project to assess the situation for those living with disabilities among displaced and conflict affected populations. Rachael Reilly 12 Dec 2017
2 FMR 52 - Forced displacement: a development issue with humanitarian elements Now is the time to consolidate the shift towards full global recognition that the challenge of forced displacement is an integral part of the development agenda. Niels Harild 15 Aug 2016
3 FMR 52 - A perspective from the World Bank The World Bank brings distinctive qualities to the role it can play in furthering the humanitarian to development transition and is significantly scaling up its engagement on forced displacement. Joanna de Berry 15 Aug 2016
4 Creative Commons Weapons of mass migration: forced displacement, coercion and foreign policy Public Seminar Series, Trinity term 2014. Seminar by Professor Kelly M. Greenhill (Tufts University). Recorded on 7 May 2014 at the Oxford Department of International Development, University of Oxford. Kelly M Greenhill 22 May 2014
5 Creative Commons FMR 45 Translating global education standards to local contexts Global standards such as the Education in Emergencies Minimum Standards need to be applied locally and this requires a thoughtful and committed contextualisation process. Carine Allaf, Tzvetomira Laub, Arianna Sloat 07 Apr 2014
6 Creative Commons FMR 36 The pervertibility of refugee status The desire to categorise all those seeking refuge throws up continuing challenges to traditions of hospitality and to the realisation of migrants' rights. Ana Paula Penchaszadeh 09 Apr 2013
7 Creative Commons FMR 36 Rumour versus information Central to Iraqi refugees' efforts to resolve the question of their immediate future is their access to good information about resettlement and return. Adam Saltsman 09 Apr 2013
8 Creative Commons FMR 36 What hope for IDPs in a new Sudan? The most probable outcome of the 2011 referendum is that Southern Sudan secedes from the North, breaking Sudan into two independent nation states. Taghrid Hashim Ahmed 09 Apr 2013
9 Creative Commons FMR 36 Foundations for repatriation and peace in DRC Parties to the protracted Congolese conflict have long promoted fear of 'the other' and a thirst for revenge; these attitudes must be addressed if peace is to have a chance. Vanessa Noël Brown 09 Apr 2013
10 Creative Commons FMR 36 Of tripartites, peace and returns After international agreements covering the return of refugees to Equateur and North Kivu, the challenge is to create local structures that can make the agreements work. Steve Hege 09 Apr 2013
11 Creative Commons FMR 36 Return in the political context of North Kivu Durable returns of IDPs and refugees into some of the most densely populated areas in eastern DRC are never going to be a simple exercise. Fergus Thomas 09 Apr 2013
12 Creative Commons FMR 35 Disability in the UN cluster system The cluster system offers space for raising awareness among humanitarian actors and for putting disability on the agenda, but it impairs local and cross-cutting dynamics at field level. Adele Perry, Anne Héry 08 Apr 2013
13 Creative Commons FMR 35 Shifting community views: reducing stigma in Dadaab Among the greatest protection risks facing refugees with disabilities in Dadaab are discrimination and stigmatisation. Devon Cone 25 Mar 2013