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ethics of war

# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Creative Commons Astor Keynote Lecture: What Rights May be Defended by Means of War? Many aims that motivate unjust wars could be achieved without violence if not met with military resistance. So is self-defense against aggression always permissible? Are the values of state sovereignty important enough to justify war in their defense? Jeff McMahan 11 Apr 2013
2 Ethical Competence and Understanding War in International Relations Prof. Mervyn Frost (King's College, London) presents a seminar in which he explores the relationship between ethics and international relations within the context of armed conflict. The discussant is Dr. Christopher Bickerton (Oxford). Mervyn Frost, Christopher Bickerton 17 Feb 2009
3 Indiscriminate Disproportionality: Another Attempt at Rules with Teeth Prof. Henry Shue (Oxford) provides a moral reflection on international law by looking at the concept of proportional conduct in armed conflict. The discussant is Janina Dill (Oxford). Henry Shue 17 Feb 2009