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english literature

# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Verse and Prose in Fantasy Literature An analysis of two forms that dominate fantasy literature. Katherine Olley 24 Nov 2020
2 Guy Gavriel Kay A short introduction to the writer Guy Gavriel Kay. Katherine Olley 24 Nov 2020
3 Books for mind and community in 12th-century Oxford and Cirencester In this talk Andrew Dunning (Royal Bank of Canada Foundation Fellow) traces the development of the work of Alexander Neckam, one of the earliest known lecturers in Oxford, through manuscripts housed at the Bodleian. Andrew Dunning 04 Apr 2016
4 Ted Hughes: The Unauthorised Life Jonathan Bate, Anne Farrar Donovan, Seamus Perry and Oliver Taplin discuss life-writing, poetry and the poet Jonathan Bate, Seamus Perry, Oliver Taplin, Anne Farrar Donovan 20 Oct 2015
5 Creative Commons New Perspectives 1: Georgians and Others Short presentation as part of the Oxford 'British Poetry of the First World War' Spring School Stuart Lee 06 Sep 2014
6 The Sitwells, Sitwellism and Sitwelliana A talk given by Dr Deborah Longworth of the University of Birmingham to celebrate the donation of the Neil Ritchie Sitwell Collection to Merton College. Deborah Longworth 27 Jan 2014
7 Creative Commons 3. Art and Morality Sos Eltis gives the third lecture in the series on Oscar Wilde, focussing on Wilde's concept of morality shown in his works including the Picture of Dorian Gray, Lord Arthur Savile's Crime and The Devoted Friend. Sos Eltis 29 Oct 2013
8 Creative Commons Information about Great Writers Inspire Further information about the educational resource: http://writersinspire.org. Sarah Wilkin 29 Aug 2013
9 Creative Commons Why should we study medieval romance? Dr Nicholas Perkins of St Hugh's College, Oxford, discusses his current research and proposes why we should still study medieval romance. Nicholas Perkins, Sarah Wilkin 12 Aug 2013
10 Creative Commons Why should we study the humanities? For those wanting a further challenge, Professor Helen Small of Pembroke College, Oxford, discusses the difficulties facing the study of the humanities today. Helen Small, Ilana Lassman 31 Jul 2013
11 Creative Commons The life and death of King Richard the Second. ePub version of text The life and death of King Richard the Second. / Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616. William Shakespeare 01 Nov 2011
12 Creative Commons Richard II Lecture eight in the Approaching Shakespeare series asks the question that structures Richard II: does the play suggest Henry Bolingbroke's overthrow of the king was justified? Emma Smith 01 Nov 2011
13 Creative Commons The Spanish tragedie The Spanish tragedie / Kyd, Thomas, 1558-1594. This is the epub edition of the play. Thomas Kyd 05 Nov 2009