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# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Crime and Mental Health: Vulnerability and Resilience in the Face of Trauma (4) Panel 2: (Re)shaping Vulnerabilities through Criminal Proceedings, Detention and Immigration detention of Adults Sarah Turnbull 06 Apr 2016
2 Creative Commons FMR 48 - Christian civil disobedience and indefinite, mandatory immigration detention in Australia A new movement of Christian activists in Australia is using radical direct action to challenge their country’s policy of mandatory detention of asylum seeker children. Marcus Campbell 04 Jun 2015
3 Creative Commons Arbitrary Detention in International Law Professor Mads Andenas , University of Oslo - 15 May 2014 Mads Andenas 11 Dec 2014
4 Creative Commons Arbitrary detention of asylum seekers: a comparison of some recent practice from Italy and the UK Public Seminar Series Trinity term 2014. Dr Daniel Wilsher (City University London) & Francesca Cancellaro (Alma Mater Studiorum, University of Bologna). Recorded on 28 May 2014 at the Oxford Department of International Development, University of Oxford Daniel Wilsher, Francesca Cancellaro 02 Jun 2014
5 Creative Commons Women’s experiences of detention Sarah Campbell (Bail for Immigration Detainees (BID), UK) Sarah Campbell 31 Mar 2014
6 Creative Commons Time, space, and trust: Some methodological challenges of researching immigration detention Sarah Turnbull (University of Oxford, UK) Sarah Turnbull 31 Mar 2014
7 Experiencing immigration detention Kizza Musinguizi (London, UK) Kizza Musinguizi 31 Mar 2014
8 Creative Commons FMR 44 Alternatives to detention in the UK: from enforcement to engagement? The UK detains migrants on a large scale, and has had limited success in developing alternatives. The British experience highlights the need for a cultural shift towards engagement with migrants in place of reliance on enforcement. Jerome Phelps 03 Oct 2013
9 Creative Commons FMR 44 My story: indefinite detention in the UK When I fled civil war to come to the UK, I thought that I would be free but instead of helping me, the UK detained me for three years. William 03 Oct 2013
10 Creative Commons Introduction to the Seminar Series 'A Chrysalis for every kind of criminal? Mobility, Crime and Citizenship' Bridget Anderson, COMPAS, Oxford University, gives a talk for the COMPAS seminar series entitled' 'A Chrysalis for every kind of criminal? Mobility, Crime and Citizenship'. Bridget Anderson 26 Oct 2011
11 Creative Commons Human rights and the Elusive Universal Subject: Detention of Asylum Seekers and Irregular Entrants under IHRL and EU Law Cathryn Costello, Fellow and Tutor in EU and Public Law gives a talk for the Workshop on the Theory and Practice of Immigration Detention. Cathryn Costello 12 Jul 2010