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designing english

# Episode Title Description People Date
1 A Birth Charm Dphil student Sian Witherden introduces a 15th Century birthing charm, one of the items on display in the Designing English Exhibition Sian Witherden 18 Oct 2018
2 Designing English Book Art Competition Professor Daniel Wakelin discusses some of the inspired entries they received from contemporary book artists in response to the Designing English Exhibition Daniel Wakelin 18 Oct 2018
3 Curating the exhibition 'Designing English' Daniel Wakelin talks about the concept behind the exhibition 'Designing English: Graphics on the Medieval Page' in the Weston Library, Oxford, and about the thrill of working with original material from the Bodleian collection at Oxford Medieval Studies. Daniel Wakelin, Henrike Lähnemann 23 Feb 2018
4 Teach us how we may pray AElfric of Eynsham teaches the congregation to recite the Lord’s Prayer in English, 'Thu ure faeder'. MS. Hatton 115, fol. 10r. Composed 990-995, copied in the second half of the 1000s. Read by Andy Orchard. Andy Orchard 16 Jan 2018
5 Come and dance with me in Ireland The lyrics of dance songs about love and longing, jotted down without music. MS. Rawl. D. 913, fol. 1r-v. Copied in the early 1300s. Read by Helen Appleton, Daniel Wakelin. Helen Appleton, Daniel Wakelin 16 Jan 2018
6 If it be played In the play The Burial of Christ, Joseph, Mary Magdalen and three other women cry out when they see Jesus on the Cross. MS. e Musaeo 160, fol. 141r. Copied c. 1518–1520. Read by Helen Appleton, Angela O'Brien, Daniel Sawyer, Wing Tan Lai. Helen Appleton, Angela O'Brien, Daniel Sawyer, Wing Tan Lai 16 Jan 2018
7 First entereth Wisdom In the play Wisdom, the devil tempts three godly people into sins – lust and other ‘French fashions’. MS. Digby 133, fol. 158r. Copied in the late 1400s. Read by Arka Chakraborty, Matthew Day, Ben Sims, Daniel Sawyer. Arka Chakraborty, Matthew Day, Ben Sims, Daniel Sawyer 16 Jan 2018