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# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Poor Lord Wensleydale: A Beginner's Guide to the British Constitution with Robert Saunders Grace Mallon and Nicholas Cole talk to Robert Saunders about what makes Britain's constitution unique and what challenges it faces in a turbulent period for UK politics and government. Grace Mallon, Nicholas Cole, Robert Saunders 07 Oct 2021
2 Accident and Force: Making American Constitutions with Nicholas Cole Grace Mallon and Nicholas Cole discuss how a historian learns to code, where the idea of a Constitutional Convention came from, and what's next for the Quill Project. Grace Mallon, Nicholas Cole 29 Sep 2021
3 Creative Commons A Forum for Reason: Reflections on the Role of South Africa’s Constitutional Court Prof Kate O'Regan, Director, Bonavero Institute of Human Rights and a former judge of the South African Constitutional Court, gives a talk for the Africa Oxford Initiative. Kate O'Regan 10 Feb 2020
4 Creative Commons Directive Principles and the Expressive Accommodation of Ideological Dissenters in the Indian Constitution Tarunabh Khaitan speaks at the South Asia Seminar on 17 January 2017 Tarunabh Khaitan 08 Dec 2017
5 Putney Debates 2017 - Session IV: Preserving the Liberal Constitution The Putney Debates 2017 addresses the UK's constitutional future in the wake of the vote to leave the European Union. Onora O’Neill, Timothy Garton Ash, Frank Vibert, Michael Keating 24 Feb 2017
6 Putney Debates 2017 - Session III: Parliament, the Executive, the Courts and the Rule of Law The Putney Debates 2017 addresses the UK's constitutional future in the wake of the vote to leave the European Union. Joshua Rozenberg, Stephen Sedley, Alison Young, Adam Wagner 24 Feb 2017
7 Putney Debates 2017 - Session II: Changing and Strengthening the Role of the People The Putney Debates 2017 addresses the UK's constitutional future in the wake of the vote to leave the European Union. Paul Craig, Philip Kay, Will Hutton, John Howell 24 Feb 2017
8 Putney Debates 2017 - Session I: Parliament and the People The Putney Debates 2017 addresses the UK's constitutional future in the wake of the vote to leave the European Union. Denis Galligan, Sionaidh Douglas-Scott, David Runciman, Michael Mansfield 24 Feb 2017
9 Constitutionalism without Consensus in Contemporary Turkey Bill Kissane, Associate Professor in Politics, London School of Economics and Political Science, gives a talk for the FLJS seminar series. Bill Kissane 09 Dec 2016
10 Beyond the Liberal Constitution: The United States - Taking the Bullying Pulpit John W Adams, Adjunct Professor of Political Science, Rutgers University, gives a talk for the FLJS seminar series. John W Adams 09 Dec 2016
11 European Voices of Dissent and the Constitutional Consequences for the European Union Professor Paul Craig, Professor in English Law, Oxford, gives a talk for the FLJS seminar series. Paul Craig 09 Dec 2016
12 The Constitution in Crisis 2016 Professor Denis Galligan, Professor of Socio-Legal Studies and Fellow of Wolfson College at the University of Oxford, gives a talk for the FLJS Seminar Series. Denis Galligan 09 Dec 2016
13 From Locke on Toleration to the First Amendment Professor Dan Robinson gives a talk on the First Amendment in the US Constitution and the philosophy of John Locke. Dan Robinson 14 Oct 2016
14 Creative Commons The Making of a Constitution: Pakistan and the Question of Sovereignty The speaker analyses the concept of 'sovereignty' as presented in the Objectives Resolution of Pakistan presented to the Constituent Assembly in March 1949 Faisal Devji, Yaqoob Khan Bangash 04 Feb 2016
15 Creative Commons The Making of a Constitution: Pakistan and the Question of Sovereignty Dr Yaqoob Khan Bangash gives a talk on Pakistan and it's constitutional sovereignty on 19th January 2016. Yaqoob Khan Bangash 01 Feb 2016
16 When Lawyers Lie: Forging an English Constitution in 1399 Professor David Seipp, Boston University School of Law, gives a talk on 'Forging the English Constitution in 1938. The talk was recorded on 10th March 2015. David Seipp 26 Jun 2015
17 Adapting to a Constitution: The Hong Kong Basic Law turns 25 Geoffrey Ma, The Chief Justice of Hong Kong - 12 May 2015 Geoffrey Ma, Stephen Sedley 14 May 2015
18 Constitutional Instability : The Case of Central and Eastern Europe - The Break-Up of Nations: The Constitutional Dimensions Using Ukraine as a Case Study Daniel Smilov, Political Science Department, University of Sofia; and Programme Director, Centre for Liberal Strategies, Sofia, gives a lecture at the The Break-Up of Nations Roundtable discussion, held at Wolfson College on 28th November 2014. Daniel Smilov 02 Dec 2014
19 Writing Rights in Early Latin American Constitutions On February 28th, Dr James Melton from the University College London presented his recent findings of a research project producing a cross-national historical dataset of written constitutions. James Melton 12 Nov 2014
20 Creative Commons The growing clamour for a codified constitution of the UK (or what is left after Scotland leaves) Iain McLean asks for a rethink of the structure of the law of the United Kingdom after A.V. Dicey Iain McLean, Scot Peterson 04 Apr 2014
21 2012 Annual Lecture in Law and Society: The Strange History of the American Federal Bill of Rights: England, the United States and the Atlantic World Pauline Maier, Professor of American History, Massachusetts Institute of Technology gives the 2012 Annual Lecture in Law and Society. Introduced by Denis Galligan, Professor of Socio-Legal Studies, Oxford. Pauline Maier, Denis Galligan 23 May 2012
22 Abbe Sieyes, Guttenberg, and Habermas: Constitutional Revolutions in Egypt and the Arab World This discussion assesses why the uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt took constitutional form, given the previous constitutional histories and discussions. And second, can the revolutionary impulse to constitutionalize political authority succeed? Nathan Brown, Denis Galligan, Mila Vorsteeg 26 Mar 2012
23 Will Constitutional Theocracy bloom after the Arab Spring? A critical analysis of Ran Hirschl's theory of 'constitutional theocracy' from the perspective of the Arab Spring. Clark Lombardi, William B Quandt 26 Mar 2012
24 The Middle East Revolution: take 2, Constitutionalism Professors Chibli Mallat and Tom Ginsburg assess the constitutional moment in the wake of democratic revolution. Chibli Mallat, Tom Ginsburg 26 Mar 2012
25 The Indirect Origins of the Judicial Constitution: 2011 Annual Lecture in Law and Society In this Annual Lecture, Oxford Professor of Socio-Legal Studies Denis Galligan presents a number of illuminating constitutional snapshots from the last 300 years to explore the limits of representative democracy. Denis Galligan 20 Jun 2011
26 20 Years of Multi-Partyism in Kenya (African Studies Seminar) A roundtable discussion examining the current state of Kenyan politics, twenty years after it changed to a multi-party state. David Anderson, Nic Cheeseman, Gabrielle Lynch, Leigh Gardner 25 Jan 2011
27 Magna Carta at Oxford Richard Sharpe explains that the seventeen surviving manuscripts on the Magna Carta are engrossments, not copies: official documents from Royal Chancery bearing the ruler's seal. Prof. Sharpe also reveals why so many examples of the Magna Carta survive. Richard Sharpe 29 Apr 2008