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children's literature

# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Arthur Rackham at Trinity College Emma Sillett, Trinity College Librarian, and Dr Caroline Batten explore the Danson Library's collection of rare Arthur Rackham fantasy illustrations. Emma Sillett, Caroline Batten 30 Jul 2021
2 Creative Commons Philip Pullman's 'His Dark Materials' Margaret Kean explores how Philip Pullman plays with the idea of communication across different media in his trilogy Margaret Kean 04 Mar 2016
3 Creative Commons Middle Earth and Tolkien's Digital Afterlives Stuart Lee traces how Tolkien's Middle-earth and especially 'The Lord of the Rings' have been reimagined through a range of digital technologies, from games to films Stuart Lee 04 Mar 2016
4 Creative Commons Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland Robert Douglas-Fairhurst explores how every generation has created its own Wonderland, and why we are still so curious about Alice’s dreamworld Robert Douglas-Fairhurst 04 Mar 2016
5 Creative Commons Masterclass Medingen Manuscripts: Ulrike Hascher-Burger (Utrecht): Musical Notation Presentations about the Medingen Manuscripts Henrike Lähnemann, Ulrike Hascher-Burger 22 Feb 2016
6 The Prayer-Book of Abbess Odilia Abbess Baerbel Goercke, Mariensee, delivers a talk for the Medingen Manuscripts Masterclass. Bärbel Görcke 22 Feb 2016
7 Creative Commons Wolves and Winter: Old Norse Myths and Children's Literature Dr Carolyne Larrington, Supernumerary Fellow and Tutor in English, St John's College, gives a talk to accompany the exhibition 'Magical Books: From The Middle Ages to Middle Earth'. Carolyne Larrington 23 Oct 2013