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# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Book Launch - Utopia and Civilisation in the Arab Nahda Peter Hill (Northumbria University, Newcastle-upon-Tyne), gives a talk on his new book, Utopia and Civilisation in the Arab Nahda. Chaired by Professor Eugene Rogan (St. Antony's College, Oxford). Peter Hill 12 Feb 2020
2 Teaching the Codex 22: 2019 Summary Philip Booth (Oxford) gives closing remarks at the 2019 Teaching the Codex colloquium. Philip Booth 16 Dec 2019
3 Teaching the Codex 2019 19: Arabic Codicology Yasmin Faghihi (Cambridge) speaks at the 2019 Teaching the Codex colloquium about the Islamic manuscript tradition. Yasmin Faghihi 16 Dec 2019
4 Creative Commons Nancy Hawker - Palestinian multilingualism: A perfectly normal adaptation to colonialism, conflict and late capitalism Nancy Hawker (The Aga Khan University) considers the developing place of Arabic in official nation-statist platforms in Israel Nancy Hawker 27 Nov 2019
5 Almog Behar - Between Hebrew and Arabic The politics, culture, and reality of Hebrew and Arabic in Israel and beyond. Almog Behar, Yaacov Yadgar 14 Feb 2018
6 Tombstone of a Muslim girl On what were people’s feelings about death and the dead in North Africa a thousand years ago? What does this tombstone tell us? With Professor Julia Bray, Arabic, University of Oxford. Julia Bray 23 Jan 2017
7 Creative Commons Ten Types of Arabic Calligraphy; Sexually Transmitted Diseases and the History of HIV; Panel 1: Migrant Communities and Networks, and Social Exclusion in the UK and Europe (The Silent University) Two presentations and the first panel discussion of the Silent University event which took place at the Oxford Department of International Development on 20 May 2014. Behnam al-Agzeer, Mulugeta Fikadu, Bridget Anderson, Carlos Cruz 11 Aug 2014
8 Creative Commons Albert Hourani Revisited: Arabic and Indian thought in the Liberal Age Professor Sir Christopher Bayly gives a talk for the Humanitas Lecture series on Historigraphy. Sir Christopher Bayly 28 May 2013
9 Politics and Popular Poetry in the Arab World Professor Clive Holes gives a short talk on Arabic popular poetry; a medium of social satire and cultural criticism that is as important in Arabic culture as much as Social satire is in British culture. He also reads three translations of political poetry Clive Holes 29 Apr 2009