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Episode 2: How students grapple with specialising in marginalised philosophies

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Duration: 0:59:10 | Added: 20 Oct 2021
How do you make marginalised philosophies accessible? What are the challenges to South Asian and African(a) philosophy specialists within Anglo-European universities? Find out more in this episode.

In this episode History student Srutokirti Basak explores how our South Asian and African(a) specialist student editors Aamir Kaderbhai (MSt Study of Religion) and Jonathan Egid (DPhil Comparative Literature) have had to navigate studying more marginalised philosophies in Anglo-European educational institutions and how this has affected their work on the next release of opp's journal this year to help make these philosophies more accessible. They reflect on the limits of and resources found amid various curricula and beyond and how to transform our interpretative frameworks as we go in a process of collective learning.

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