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Elizabeth Stafford

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Duration: 1:05:30 | Added: 01 Aug 2023
Georgina Ferry interviews Elizabeth Stafford, Clinical Research Nurse Manager, 22 March 2023.

Topics discussed include (00:00:20) early interest in nursing, studies at the University of Reading, training as a midwife, work in acute urgent and intensive care, research and role at Oxford exploring hepatology; (00:02:59) role of a research nurse; (00:07:51) patient recruitment for research; (00:11:16) ethical issues around patient recruitment; (00:14:55) different types of research studies, including investigations of new drugs, devices, observational studies; (00:16:46) first awareness of COVID-19, including the pause of research activity, continuation of some research including delivery of drugs to patient's homes; (00:24:16) redeployment to the Gastroenterology Department at the Churchill Hospital; (00:31:25) return to the John Radcliffe Hospital to assist with research project delivery [the project in question is run by Dr Alex Mentzer collected blood samples from hospital staff to build up a data and sample bank]; (00:34:45) programme relating to T cell immune response [OPTIC]; (00:39:38) main conclusions from the study; (00:45:15) funding for the study; (00:51:00) response of academics to research nurse team; (00:52:56) personal threat from COVID-19; (00:57:25) working hours during the pandemic; (00:59:53) wellbeing as a result of work undertaken during the pandemic; (01:02:42) changes in approach to work as a result of the pandemic.

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