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E-cigarette marketing and the effects on young people and adults, with Eve Taylor

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Duration: 0:15:44 | Added: 29 Nov 2023
Jamie Hartmann-Boyce and Nicola Lindson discuss cigarette packaging, flavours and brand names with Eve Taylor, King's College London.

Associate Professor Jamie Hartmann-Boyce and Dr Nicola Lindson discuss the new evidence in e-cigarette research and interview Eve Taylor who is working on a PhD in the Nicotine Research Group at King's College London. Eve also works as a research assistant on projects including the International Tobacco Control Project and the Public Health England e-cigarette evidence reviews.

Jamie Hartmann-Boyce interviews Eve Taylor at the E-Cigarette Summit, 16th November at the Royal College of Physicians, London. Eve discusses packaging regulations and the role that cigarette packaging and e-cigarette packaging have on the appeal to young people and adults. She draws on findings from the International Tobacco Control Policy Evaluation Project and Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) survey data. The survey data from ASH shows that young people are less interested in trying e-cigarettes in standardised packaging and colours compared to branded packaging. However, changing the packaging does not affect adults, including adults that use combustible cigarettes. Eve discusses the role of flavour names and brand names. The interview highlights that the consequences of any changes in policy need to be thought through and any changes in regulations need to be clear and easily enforceable.

This podcast is a companion to the electronic cigarettes Cochrane living systematic review and shares the evidence from the monthly searches.

Our literature searches carried out November 1st 2023 identified: four new ongoing studies (ISRCTN82413824, NCT06063421, NCT06077240, NCT06088862); one linked paper by Prell et al (10.1136/bmjopen-2022-071099) and two reports to be classified. For further details see our webpage under 'Monthly search findings':

For more information on the full Cochrane review updated in November 2022 see: https://www.cochranelibrary.com/cdsr/doi/10.1002/14651858.CD010216.pub7/...

This podcast is supported by Cancer Research UK.

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