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Diplomacy for the 21st Century: Twenty-first century diplomacy: a new rule book

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Duration: 0:41:02 | Added: 13 Nov 2019
In the third 'Diplomacy for the 21st Century' Lecture, Sir Tim Hitchens concentrates on 21st-century diplomacy, and how it differs from 20th-century diplomacy

Diplomacy for the 21st Century' is a Wolfson College Lecture Series that gives insight into how diplomacy is done in a modern age and the vital work that the diplomatic service does in strengthening relationships across borders. After 35 years working in diplomacy, Sir Tim considers how 21st-century diplomacy will be different from 20th-century diplomacy. He considers the evolution of diplomatic tradecraft, and the different cultures of diplomacy around the world. Sir Tim argues that the biggest challenge this century, will be between rules-based international relations and power-based. However, he goes on to explain that for rules-based diplomacy to survive, the rules themselves need to evolve to reflect changing realities, and that arguing for the status quo is a dead end.

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