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Can stories change the world? Promises and challenges of web-based patient feedback for improving care

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Duration: 1:10:30 | Added: 22 Nov 2012
Health Experiences Institute/Management in Medicine (HEXI/MiM) speaker event.

Patient experience has become an important currency and resource in contemporary health care management. User satisfaction surveys, focus groups, Patient Experience Trackers (PET), Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMS) -- a whole range of technologies have been developed to turn sensations, thoughts and feelings into 'evidence' and useful knowledge. In this seminar, we will have a closer look at one of these technologies: web-based patient feedback. Combining insights from research and practice, we will ask: what does it take to mobilise experience? Can patient stories improve the quality of care? What are the implications? And what issues does this raise for NHS leaders and policy makers?

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